Lab Rottweiler

When we look up the dog around in the vicinity Rottweiler is one of the most powerful and strong breeds around us. However, Lab Rottweiler is the cross between a purebred Labrador Retriever Dog and Rottweiler Dog. We can identify them as Labrottie or other names are Rottwador, Rott’n Lab or Rotten Lab, Labweiler, and Rottador. Really, Lab Rottweiler is a protective, loyal, eager to please, intelligent, affectionate doggy and they might be the perfect pet for you. Do you want to know what can we expect from combining these two popular pure breeds very different personalities into one dog? Check out the information below to learn more about them.

Lab Rottweiler

Little Bit Facts About Lab Rottweiler (Labrottie)

Certainly, the Labrottie is not a purebred dog. Yes, the Labrottie is a large designer dog breed and it is a result of Rottweiler cross Labrador Retriever dogs. The most popular world dog club named the American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize the Rottweiler Lab Mix. This is because Labrottie is a cross between two separate breeds to make another. But don’t worry, this is a most popular hybrid breed around the world. So most popular ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club) known this breed as Labrottie, DBR (Designer Breed Registry) known this breed as  Labweiller or Labrottie, DDKC(Designer Dogs Kennel Club) known this breed as Labrottie, DRA (Dog Registry of America, Inc.), IDCR (International Designer Canine Registry®) known this breed as Labrottie and these clubs do recognize the Rottweiler Lab Mix. So many people who breed these Labrottie dogs feel strongly that they should be recognized as their own breed.

Nowadays, Rottweilers are among the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the US and Labrador Retriever actually hold the number 1 stage. As we mentioned before Labrottie is a result of Rottweiler cross Labrador Retriever dogs. Surely, this is one adorable breed of dog that has some of the best qualities in a pet. This is a great domestic breed and enjoys it as a family pet. So long as you create the type of home for your Rottweiler Lab mix. It has specific characteristics, features, and needs in care. So then see if it would make a good pet for you.

Grate History Of Lab Rottweiler (Labrottie)

No wonder Labrottie becomes increasingly popular with dog owners. They are the perfect breed around us. Typically, Labrottie dogs are extremely loving, loyal, and super-protective. When we consider the history of this designer breed, Lab Rottweiler is a new breed of dog without a detailed history. However, Labrottie is a hybrid dog where the Labrador Retriever crossed with the Rottweiler and the term designer dog could be seen as being somewhat unfortunate. Really, this is a cross breed dog whose origins aren’t entirely clear and not much history. Anyhow, Labrottie is a result of a Labrador Retriever and Rottweiler which is the best for a household. Although, this hybrid Lab Rottweiler dog is intelligent and eager to please.

Stuttering Appearance of the Lab Rottweiler

Lab Rottweiler is one of the large and muscular dogs on the planet. They will display a powerful chest and strong back legs. Lab Rottweiler bone with a slightly broad head, somewhat arched neck, and may have a docked tail. Although, the head and muzzle of the hybrid will usually look more like that of the Labrador and the body is more comparable to the Rottweiler. Its eye color possibilities with Hazel, Brown, Amber. Also, the Height and  Weight we can categorize as the months like bellow.

  • 6 months Height: 13 inches Weight: 46 lbs         
  • 12 MONTHS Height: 24 inches Weight: 87 lbs     
  • 18 MONTHS Height: 25 inches Weight: 92 lbs     

Lab Rottweiler

In fact, Lab Rottweiler is commonly seen in the chocolate color though it is seen in gray, black and black and tan as well. It’s coat colors are Black, Brown, and Gray. The coat length can categorize as Short, Medium and Long and also the coating density is Sparse, Normal and Dense. Lab Rottweiler coat is water-resistant, so the dog does not get cold when taking to the water in the winter. The coat texture is Straight, Wiry, Wavy, Curly and Corded.  Also, the dense coat may vary from wavy to straight, depending on the prominent parental gene. Besides, Lab Rottweiler has cute floppy ears which give them a friendly appearance. Usually, Lab Rottweiler is quite powerful in the chest, and the hindquarters also tend to be quite muscular. Especially, they tend to resemble a Rottweiler more so than a Lab as far as the confirmation of the body is concerned.

Lab Rottweiler Personality

Lab Rottweiler is now also used as search and rescue dogs, as guide dogs for the blind, as guard dogs and police dogs. So they have a natural gathering style with a strong desire to control though have a great amount of force while working well off the stock. This is a special crossbreed in the world and its lifespan depend on 9-12 years. Generally, they have a good trainability and Easy to train with an experienced owner. They are quite different dogs so even dogs in the same litter can differ. Indeed, It is a very loyal and protective dog and maybe an extremely intelligent too. Keep in mind that it might be a bit aggressive like the Rottweiler or it might be more friendly like the Lab. Sometimes it may be more attached to one owner and try and stick by their side more than others. But Lab Rottweiler is a great family dog which will love to be with the “pack.” almost they don’t love to being left alone for long and can suffer from separation anxiety. Especially, Lab Rottweiler needs a early socialization and positive reinforcement. Lab Rottweiler is intelligent so training should be moderately easy. Hence they prefer to be around people and a part of activities. Lab Rottweiler is a loving and smart breed and enjoys spending lots of time with you. So don’t plan on leaving them alone for long periods.

Lab Rottweiler

Beyond that they are large, active dog and will be calm, loving around his humans who will enjoy spending time with and seek to please. So they really love to be comfortable around all sorts of people and family. Hence Lab Rottweiler is generally friendly and is bred specifically for the task of returning hunted game to their owners. Lab Rottweiler certainly appears to be among the more aggression-prone breeds. Especially, it is guarding dogs which are generally good with their families and Kids. As well, Kids bring over other kids, and a family pet needs to be accepting of this. They love to play with the kids and sometimes they may be aggressive with the kids. But while protective, the Labrottie is not aggressive. So early socialization is helpful to ensure that the  Lab Rottweiler is comfortable around children and other animals. Anyhow, we need to be careful of the doggy within the kids. With a early socialization and training properly, Lab Rottweiler is famous for being an excellent guard dog so they have a natural distrust of strangers. So it is important to create a well-rounded, happy dog. Also, let your Lab Rottweiler puppy meet people of all ages, including children, and set aside time during which your puppy can interact with other dogs and other animals. This will ensure your little furry friend will grow up to be a confident adult with a welcoming personality. Indeed, Labrottie probably never ventures more than 5 feet from his person and they’re fiercely loyal to their owners. Habitually, they devoted to the people they live with. Also, they are passive, loyal and playful and can be clowns.

Lab Rottweiler Health

When it comes to Lab Rottweiler Health, your Lab Rottweiler has the potential to develop genetic health problems as well all breeds are susceptible to some things more than others.  Typically, this Lab Rottweiler breed will live 9-12 years with few problems. Especially, like other hybrid canine breeds, the Lab Rottweiler might be prone to Joint dysplasia like elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia, Pano, Allergies, Ear infections, cold tail, acute moist dermatitis, Bone cancer, Bloat, Hypothyroidism, OCD, Eye problems, Epilepsy, Myopathy and also heart problems. Absolutely they should offer a health guarantee that your dog will develop any of these problems, and there is no way to predict an individual dog’s long-term health, being aware of the risks will help you recognize symptoms sooner rather than later. So you have to consider that breeder at all. Keep in mind that do not feed your dog a single large meal, neither encourage it to eat rapidly nor make it exercise vigorously after a meal.

The best way to Lab Rottweiler Take Care

Grooming and Bruising

Lab Rottweiler grooming is a most important way to take care of your Labrottie. It isn’t too difficult, and they considered a low maintenance breed. Keep in mind that brush your puppy once a week using a soft bristled brush or firm-bristled brush. Especially, It will mostly help in not only removing the loose hairs but also distributing the skin oils much more evenly. It has short hair that makes grooming simple. So this is will keep his coat healthy and silken. Although, you need the best types of equipment for the best grooming. It comes with 11 tools such as 1 × Pet clipper 1 × AC Power Adapter, 1 × Cleaning Brush, 4 × Comb Attachments, 1 × Stainless Steel Scissor, 1 ×Stainless teeth scissor, 1 × Stainless Steel Comb, 1 × Nail Clipper Kit, 1 × Nail File, and 1 × Oil. Other than that Gloves is a most important equipment for Lab Rottweiler grooming. So if you love your dog then use this. Also, you can use an Electric Grooming Tables, Hydraulic Grooming Tables, Portable Grooming Tables for his Grooming. So you can choose any for your lovely dog.

Get ready to invest in a good vacuum if you want to keep your floors clean! To keep it looking clean as well as smelling good. So you need to bathe your Lab Rottweiler once or twice every two months but not so much that you dry out their skin. If its nails do not wear down naturally, trim them down once a month regularly.


Exercise is the most vital for going to be a higher energy dog. Take your Lab Rottweiler for at least two 30 minute walks every day and keep up with the herd, so keep that in mind. It is the main part of these large breed dogs and they need a lot of exercises to release energy and stay healthy. Especially, it will probably like to swim which is a great way to wear your dog out. So plan on taking them for extremely long walks and hikes to keep their energy level down.

Lab Rottweiler

Although, try to giving him toys that can be stuffed with food or treats. Interactive games such as fetch and ball retrieval will do well by boosting your dog’s health by keeping it fit. Besides, Never tie your dog up outside – that is inhumane and not fair to him.

Training Requirements

Puppyhood Training is the best way we have to tack care the Lab Rottweiler and this is an easy dog to train as both aim to please. So you will need to use your training sessions to establish yourself as the pack leader. Indeed, they are highly intelligent, brave, and loving dogs who will be your companion for life. With a good trainability, they can be a great canine citizen and a loyal friend. You will need to train him and socialize him to be welcoming of a variety of people and many other animals. Make it a point to encourage your Lab Rottweiler pet and give him plenty of praise and rewards for good behavior. So earlier start to train and socialize your Lab Rottweiler dog that more control you will be able to have over him. Anyhow, the right training and socialize will also help them to become comfortable with various situations.  

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