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Overview of Rottweiler Dogs

Rottweilers or Rottie is the smart, loyal, and loving breed in the world. Otherwise, they are often portrayed as a vicious breed. However, Rottweiler is a loving and most popular choice for its ability to protect. Because their powerful build may not be for everyone. Somehow with the perfect training and good socialization, Rottweiler Dogs will be the perfect dog in your place.

Review of Rottweiler Dogs Breed

Actually, Rottie is a medium-large breed and this is a breed of working dog which is thought to be descended from drover dogs or cattle-driving dogs. Rottie tends to be headstrong and stubborn and is often domineering. Also, they left by the Roman legions in Rottweil, Germany, after the Romans abandoned the region during the 2nd century. Especially, Its trot is sure and powerful, with strong reach and drive. Rottie is reserved, often wary, toward strangers and it confident, bold, alert and imposing. Also, the Rottie coat is straight, coarse and dense. You know that Rottweilers are the best protection and guardian in your life. Besides, it may be overprotective if it perceives that its family is being threatened. Rottweiler may also attempt to “herd” children too. So that your Rottweiler combines the abilities necessary to drive cattle for long distances as well as serve as a formidable guard dog and jobs that entail great strength, agility, and endurance. Its expression reflects its great noble, alert and self-assured. Otherwise, Rottweiler has also served as a guard dog, a drover’s dog, a draft dog, a rescue dog, and a police dog. Normally, The Rottweiler accompanied local butchers on buying expeditions from the Middle Ages to about 1900 and they are carrying money in a neck pouch to market.

As befitting of Rottweiler is self-assured nature. Especially, Rottweiler tends to be headstrong, stubborn and is often domineering. So that it is reserved, often wary toward strangers as we discuss. Actually, This breed is the most powerful breed that needs socialization, consistent training, and daily exercise to be the best doggy in your lifetime. So that reasons Rottie can be a loyal family member and guardian in your lifetime of happiness.

The history of the Rottweiler dog breed

Most of the fans of Rottweiler dogs call them Rottweilers or “Rotties”. Actually, this breed history has more important to all the people how to love Rottie doggies. This is beloved family companions and serious guard dogs as your family partner. Really, Rottweiler dog originally from Germany and it is a medium-sized and medium-energy ancient breed. Also, Rottie can grow to between 80-135 pounds and lives an average of 8-11 years. Rottweiler is earned both reputations such as they can be fiercely devoted to their chosen people and their inherent protectiveness make Rottweilers valued police, service, and therapy dogs. Anyhow, as well as this doggy,  has made the breed a target of some local breed specific legislation and also Rottie can be more costly for homeowners to insure.

Probably, Roman drover dogs, responsible for driving and guarding herds of cattle as they accompanied Roman troops on long marches. Indeed, the succeeding centuries, the dogs continued to play a vital role as cattle drovers around what was to become the town of Rottweil. Rottie is derived from red tile and denoting the red-tile roof of the Roman baths that had been unearthed there in the eighth century. Also,  Rottie is an integral component in the town’s industry until the mid-19th century. That time, cattle driving was outlawed and dog carting was replaced by donkey carts and railroads. Even though the 1901 club was short-lived and it did formulate a breed standard. Actually, this breed is recognized by the American Kennel Club and classified as a member of the Working group. The breed continued to grow, and by the 1930s he was competing in AKC competitions. According to the records, Rottie becomes the second-most popular breed in America.


As a consequence, most of the Rottweilers can be aggressive. But this breed needs consistent training from a young age to help her know what kind of “protection” is appropriate and what’s not. Other than that, they also important to keep her mentally and physically active to avoid her finding less-desirable ways to release her energy.when we considering the many roles the breed has played during its long history, it is remarkable that the Butcher’s Dog has changed little in form and temper since its first German breed standard was drawn up in 1901.

The Best Facts of Rottweiler dog

If you are a Rottweiler fan, these facts are most important to your Rottie lifespan. Actually, most of the people say Rottweiler can be dangerous and aggressive doggy. But the real truth is any dog if raised badly, abused or mistreated. By the way, Rottweilers have been selected for guarding and protection work. With the well-socialized, rottweilers get along nicely with people and other dogs. But, this must be kept in mind at all times because males Rottie, in particular, can be a bit aggressive and dominant. Did you know that Rottweiler, as described by American Kennel Club, is considered as most confident guardians? Today, Rottie is the smartest top ten dog breeds and it takes the 9th place with the popularity.  

Especially, Rottweiler is happiest when given a job to perform and its intelligence, endurance, and willingness to work make it suitable as a police dog, herder, service dog, therapy dog, obedience competitor and devoted companion. As well as, Rottweiler is self-confident and responds quietly and with a wait-and-see attitude to influences in his environment. Although Rottweilers appearance may be intimidating to others dog owners know that their loyal, sweet dog that has a fun sense of humor is just protecting their family. Rottweilers are fully confident enough to act on their own. So that they need guidance right from the start and then they make an excellent guard dog and family dog. Yes, of course, Rottweilers have been bred as guard dogs, so they are known to form strong bonds with their owners. Really, they enjoy spending time with their families and so they shouldn’t be left alone for too long. Actually, Rottweilers are large, powerful dogs and require extensive socialization and training from early puppyhood. It is the most important to your Rottie behavioral controls. In fact, they are a very intelligent breed, and they are very protective by nature. Besides, a well-bred Rottweiler is calm and confident. Rottweiler is smart and adaptable with a strong work ethic and also they are known for having a gentle disposition. Actually, Rottie loves people and when bred properly he will make a great and gentle companion.

Keep in mind that spend much more time with your Rottie puppy, because that’s where they get attached to you. Actually, Rottweilers are loving, caring, loyal, not aggressive and a very friendly breed. By the way, the most important thing to be kept in mind is to not bring any pup home before 8 weeks, that’s where socialization is fostered. The first few months is a critical window for socialization as the neuro-networks in their brains are being developed which, simply put, means they’re learning how to perceive and respond to the world around them. It is a great way for them to spend and learn to play with other dogs. Also, Basic obedience training will do wonders. Especially, never ever cage them or tie them up and that takes away their freedom and makes them irritated and aggressive. If somewhat your dog is getting aggressive keep a watch on your dogs, and instances when it is getting aggressive. You either correct them there by saying NO or avoid it.

Although, the proper amount of exercise will definitely help in calming the dogs and It must be most important to your Rottie health. In additionally, help them to meet 100 new faces every day in their initial 100 days and they understand everything perfectly. However, Rottweilers love to work and will happily compete in virtually all dog sports from obedience to herding and weight pulls and also Rottweiler often work as tracking, rescue, therapy and service dogs for police, military and hospitals. Normally, Rottweilers love to eat and they are prone to easily gaining weight. So that Rottie owners have to keep a close eye on their dog’s weight in order for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Surprisingly most of the Rottie fans find that this strong dog is capable of showing a variety of emotions ranging from loyal, friendly and funny to protective. However, If you are interested in owning a Rottweiler keep in mind that training is essential from the very beginning. Especially, the proper training will result in a well-behaved dog that provides happiness, laughter, and companionship to families.

Good Supplements and Vitamins of Rottweiler dog

Usually, you need to give your dog vitamin because you think that they will help your dog to stay healthy. You know that most of the vitamins are made from the petroleum and hydrogenated sugars, and coal industries. Actually, Vitamins are made from these waste products because it’s a cheaper solution and they last longer than the vitamins in real foods. But these cheap vitamins are not giving your dog the benefits he needs. So that make sure you check the ingredients before making a decision on which dog food to purchase. Somehow, Rottweiler dog should be consuming mainly meat in their diets to keep them healthy as well as to control their weight. So that keep your Rottweiler from becoming overweight since the proteins are excreted through kidneys and not stored as fat. But Rottie puppy is in still growing and need the extra protein to develop muscles and build strength. Truly, Rottweiler should be served dog food that contains 22% to 26% protein, and a puppy should be served puppy food that contains 24% to 28% protein. By the way, if you want to keep your Rottweiler looking and feeling their best, you have to give some Good Supplements and Vitamins to them. Without that, excessive calcium or other minerals or vitamins can actually CAUSE bone or joint problems and other health issues. Normally, Rottweiler dogs have health disease such as,

  • Allergies
  • Skin or coat issues
  • Scratching, itching or biting
  • Hot spots
  • Arthritis and joint issues
  • Premature aging
  • Low energy
  • Diabetes or liver issues
  • Cataracts or tumors
  • Digestive issues and more


With the approved diet is rich in all the minerals and vitamins your dog needs daily. So by using the good supplement and vitamins such as below your Rottie health may be good. Actually, a good quality supplement like Bully Max can help take your Rottweiler to the next level they need to be at. Bully Max is a most popular dog food in Rottweiler health and Rottweiler supplement. Also, Bully Max build muscle and add size. it ensures your dog will reach their fullest potential. Bully Max contains just the right amount in their ingredients, to help round out your dog’s diet to make it balanced. Here are the best vitamins to your Rottie,

  • Natural Calming Support for Rottweiler
  • 4-In-1 Probiotic, Omega, Glucosamine & Vitamins 60 or 90 Count for Rottweiler
  • Plus Chewable Tablets 180 or 365 Chews for Rottweiler
  • Multi-Vitamin Dietary Supplement Soft Chews 60 Chews for Rottweiler
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgels, 180 counts for Rottweiler
  • Probiotic and Digestive Support Chewable Tablets for Rottweiler
  • Natural Joint Support Chewable Tablets for Rottweiler


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