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Rottweiler Dogs Info & Other Facts

Rottweilers are the most confident, powerful dog, loving companions and rather a large dog breeds in the world. They originate from Roman military dogs and developed in Germany. Although, Rottweilers are well known to be protective, and loyal, famous for their instinct for Guarding. So if you are want to know about this big, beautiful, family dog called Rottie, Read this article until the end.  

The Story of Rottie Breeds

Actually, The Rottweiler is a rather large, strong dog and though it is misunderstood as a vicious dog, through careful breeding and proper training. Also, it can serve various functions, including as a family pet. Rottie is descended from Roman military dogs and developed in Germany. According to the American Rottweiler Club which is clear that, “owning a Rottweiler carries a great deal of responsibility and commitment,” and that “it is not a dog for everyone. However, nowadays, the Rottweiler is the most popular family dog in the world which is a good Natured dog breed for your family pet. It is the 11th most popular dog in the United States and Rottie breed is the most officially registered breed by the AKC (American Kennel Club) for 2016. Especially, they require a calm, stable, and firm ‘pack leader’ or they will assume that role for you. They need socialization, exercise, and stimulating mental challenges. So with these facts, you will have an awesome companion.”


When we considered in the history of Rottie dreads, the Rottweiler breed dates back to the Roman Empire and Rott is the breed of great strength descended from the mastiffs of the Roman legions. Also, this wonderful breed known by the many names such as Rottie, Rottweil Metzgerhund, and the Butcher’s Dog are among its nicknames. Especially, they are originated in Rottweil, Germany, which is the obvious place where they got their name. Rottweiler tasks of herding livestock and pulling carts of butchered meat to the market instead of using the herding technique and this dog breed serves a variety of purposes such as they used in search and rescue missions, as the best guard or police dogs, and as perfect guide dogs for the blind along with many other roles making it a well-rounded breed. So in this situation, we can care for the Rottweiler doggy as our best guidance pet.

During the First and Second World Wars, Rottweilers saw service in various roles, including as messenger, ambulance, draught, and guard dogs. For this reason, in the First and Second World Wards gave the breed a spark of popularity. Obviously, The first Rottweiler club, Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub (DRK) in 1914, was formed and eventually became the International Rottweiler Club (IRK) and after that, the Rottweiler was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. According to the American Kennel Club recognizes, the popularity of the Rottweiler breed climbed to a record high with it being the most registered dog breed in the mid-1990s.


On the other side, Rottweilers are used as search and rescue dogs, as guard dogs and police dogs. Because the various standards in place for the Rottweiler’s physical appearance specify these characteristics. Even though, Rottie is immediately identifiable by its thick, muscular frame and jet-black coat. In fact, Rottie observes the outside world with a self-assured aloofness. The aloof demeanor these world-class guardians present to outsiders belies the playfulness and downright silliness that endears Rottweiler to their loved ones. Therefore, puppyhood training and socialization will harness a Rottie territorial instincts in a positive way. Also, Rottie is harmonious, secure, powerful and unchecked with a good length of stride and with a properly socialized, Rottweiler may not pose problems when confronted with other animals. For this reason, you must make sure that the dog is properly socialized. Although, you have to keep Rottweilers entertained with physical activities or especially exercises like outdoor walks. Because a bored Rottweiler may turn destructive. Absolutely, Rottie originally used as a guard dog and though it evolved as a fighting dog as even as a companion dog and obviously this is a big, beautiful and family doggy for your life.


The Rottweilers appearance may be intimidating to others dog owners know that their loyal, smart dog that has a fun sense of humor is just protecting their family. Normally, Rottie weight Range is categorized as Male: 85 to 135 lbs and Female: 80 to 100 lbs. As well, they are ranging in height from 22 inches for a small female to 27 inches for a large male. Its head is broad with a rounded forehead and the muzzle is well developed. The trait is not recognized in the show world and does not meet the breed’s written standard. Also, the ears are triangular and carried forward and Rottie is black with rust to mahogany markings on the cheeks, muzzle, paws, and legs. The red color with brown markings exists and they are being increasingly used as service dogs.  All the Rottweiler has a muscular, massive, strong and powerful body. The body length should exceed the height at the withers by 15% at most. also, it corresponds to a ratio of 10:9.1 and 10:8.7. In the case of a dog 65cm high at the withers that represents a length of 71.5 to 74.5 cm and the body of a Rottweiler shows its strength and dominance. Also, their colors are Black and Mahogany, Black and Rust, Black and Tan. They have blue eyes or one blue and one brown eye which medium-sized eyes are dark and almond shaped.


The Rottweiler has a good lifespan of about 8 to 11 years. And also, the Rottweiler dogs need different diet at different stages of his life. Especially, they need 4 to 10 cups of high-quality dry food a day. Other than that, the Rottweiler required lots of protein in their daily food diets as 22% to 26% protein for required an adult dog and puppy should be served puppy food that contains 24% to 28% protein. Keep in remembering that the protein diet will keep your Rottweiler from becoming overweight. For this reason, you have to be careful about the Rottie diet. However, they mostly like to eat chicken, chicken meal, herring meal, turkey meal, etc. Other than that, you need to give some vitamin for the Rottie. Because you think that they will help your dog to stay healthy. Most of the vitamins are made from the petroleum and hydrogenated sugars, and coal industries. However, without good condition or good health of your Rottie is prone to major health problems like canine Hip dysplasia (CHD), Osteosarcoma, Elbow dysplasia, Sub-Aortic Stenosis (SAS) and Gastric torsion, as well as minor concerns like Allergies and Hypothyroidism. In fact, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Ectropion, Cataract, Seizures, von Willebrand’s disease (vWD) and Panosteitis have sometimes noticed health problems in Rottweilers dogs. You are bothering to identify some of these issues in your Rottie doggy, a veterinarian may run a hip, eye, elbow, and cardiac exams. It is most useful for your Rottie health keep in wealth.

Besides, Rottie mostly loves to eat chicken, chicken meal, herring meal, turkey meal and much more food diet and then they are getting fat. So that reason can make some of their bone and joint problems worse. Which means, if your Rottweiler eats foods high in fat, Rottie will become overweight. For this reason, you just need to control that and the first thing you can do is make sure he’s eating the right amount of food and make sure he gets plenty of exercises. Also, shoot for dog foods higher in protein and lower in simple carbohydrates. As well as when you feed your dog a healthy diet or give some right medicines to them, Rottie will be more energetic and it hasn’t any health problems. Likewise, they are less likely to become overweight. By the way, always try to keep your Rottie very happy and healthy.


We just need to care for the Rottie every need. They mostly required the long walks or an energetic game in an enclosed area are forms of mental and physical exercise. Keep in mind that should be provided daily and the expectations from them like exercise requirements as over than 40 minutes per day. Other than that, Socialization and obedience lessons are recommended to curb the dog’s aggressiveness and stubbornness. Aggressiveness is the most popular behavioral of the Rottie dogs. Actually, Rottie will have a tendency to be aggressive toward another animal and also have a tendency to be more aggressive towards dogs of the same sex. By the way, with a proper training, Rottweiler may learn to get along with the family cat but it may show aggression towards other cats. However, Rottie really happy when they are a part of the family.

As well, Rottweiler loves the cold and it should only be kept outside in cool climates and provided there is an appropriate shelter. In fact, Rottweiler has short coats that are straight and coarse. Especially, the minimal coat care in the form of occasional brushing is all the dog needs to get rid of dead hair. Besides, all the markings appear over the eyes, on the cheeks, on each side of the muzzle, on the chest and legs, and beneath the tail that should be need to brush the coat of your Rottie weekly with a soft bristle brush or rubber hound mitt in order to keep the hair and skin healthy. Also, the short glossy coat is easy to groom and you’ll probably want to brush more frequently during that time to keep the loose hair under control. Twice a year the Rottweiler will shed heavily, and brushing may need to occur two or three times per week, or daily depending on the individual. Also, clean the ears with a cotton ball and a veterinarian-approved cleanser. But never use a cotton swab in a dog’s ear canal. Besides, Rottie’s teeth should be brushed on a weekly basis to prevent tartar buildup, promote gum health and keep bad breath at bay. Further, trim nails monthly if the dog does not wear the toenails down naturally outdoors and examined when he’s a puppy. Somehow you need to keep your Rottie with the good care and happy.

The Real truth of the dock the tails of Rottweiler dogs

Most of the people dock the tails of Rottweiler dogs. Actually, tail docking is not very necessary practice in modern time. Especially, it used to be carried out till some years back. Rottweilers belong to working, hunting or herding breeds of the dogs and working dogs tails were cut off to distinguish them from another group of non-working dogs. Nature has full function of the tail in balancing and propelling the Rottweiler. The American Kennel Club emphasizes in the standard the tail must be docked and it says “- Tail docked short, close to the body, leaving one or two tail vertebrae.” indeed, you’ll see more tailed Rottweilers in countries like Germany which is where this breed originated. However, there is no good reason to do it. Actually, a longer tail could get caught in wheels or gates, so they would snip it shorter to spare the dog any painful injuries. Also, tail docking was thought to prevent rabies, increase the animals speed and prevent injuries. However, this justification for docking lacks scientific support in present time and it is harmful in several ways. Actually, it is painful for the Rottie dog, obviously, and can lead to some health problems. So it is now not advisable to do that.


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