There are so many different kinds of dogs out there. There are some that are hairless and low-maintenance. There are more fluffy dogs with a lot of hair that shed quite a bit, so they need a little more TLC. Whether you’re trying to look for breeds that require less brushing and grooming, or if you’re ready to get a pet hair remover tool to ensure you’ll be ready for however much your hairy dog sheds, here are the nine dog breeds to know that shed the most.


If you’d like to be an active dog parent, go for an Akita. They’re loyal and protective dogs that have a high energy and activity level. As for grooming, they have thick double coats that require ample brushing and constant grooming. You’ll find Akitas in a wide variety of colors, from black to white and everything in between. You might be surprised to find out that their undercoats are different colors than their overcoats. 

American Eskimo Dog

Love the look of an Akita? You’ll probably also love the American Eskimo dog. This beautiful, intelligent and social dog has a lot of energy. Be sure to brush your American Eskimo dog several times a week with a dog hair remover brush. If you don’t, their gorgeous white hair is going to be all over your carpet and sofa in no time. Keep in mind that their skin can be easily irritated if you bathe them too often. Seek advice from a professional groomer or your veterinarian on how often to bathe your American Eskimo dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog

A Bernese Mountain Dog is one of those dogs that will have you seeing hair pretty much everywhere. If you’re looking for a dog with a calm and friendly demeanor, a Bernese Mountain dog is an excellent choice. Whereas American Eskimo dogs and Akitas are known for being more active, the Bernese Mountain dog has a moderate to high activity level. Be prepared to frequently brush your Bernese Mountain dog’s thick double coat.

Border Collie

Time to break out the dog brush, especially when you have a dog that sheds as much as the Border Collie does. When the seasons change, that’s when you’ll see your Border Collie shed the most. However, even year-round, you’ll see their fur clinging to everything from your clothing to your couch. To help eliminate excess fur, routinely brush your Border Collie at least once a week.

Chow Chow

There’s nothing quite like the personality of a Chow Chow. These dogs typically weigh anywhere between 45 and 70 pounds. They require a moderate amount of activity. They’re known for being stubborn but loyal. The furry Chow Chows have smooth double coats underneath and a slightly rougher topcoat. To help prevent your Chow Chow’s hair from knotting up, brush your Chow Chow frequently.

German Shepherd

If you want a loyal and confident dog that’s known for their hard-working mentality, you’ll love a German Shepherd. What you probably won’t love so much is how often they shed. A German Shepherd seems to shed constantly. Most German Shepherds have black and tan fur, but you’ll also see these dogs come in other fun shades like gray, cream and red.

Golden Retriever

Everyone loves a cuddly Golden Retriever. They’re friendly. They’re devoted. They’re so cute to pet. Golden Retrievers love people as much as we love them. What don’t we love so much? Their shedding. You’ll see their fur — colored from a rusty gold to a bold and bright yellow — all over your furniture and clothing. Sure, their luscious fur is beautiful to look at. You just don’t want to have it all over you and your clothes. Make sure you brush them to routinely remove their plenty of excess fur.


Although the Pomeranian is such a tiny dog, you’d be surprised to learn how much this little dog sheds! The tricky part about grooming a Pomeranian is their undercoat and topcoat. Their undercoat often gets stuck underneath their topcoat. That’s why it’s important to routinely brush your Pomeranian every week with a portable pet hair remover tool. A little pet hair brush is ideal for brushing and grooming this small dog.

Siberian Husky

According to the American Kennel Club, the Siberian Husky is a loyal and outgoing working group dog. With all that shedding they do, a husky is sure to have you putting in the work when you groom them. Huskies usually only need a bath a few times a year. In order to help keep their coat in good condition, you can brush their fur at least once a week. Siberian huskies, in particular, have a double coat with an undercoat and guard hair. The undercoat sheds twice a year while you’ll need to routinely brush their old coat.

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