Best Dog Breeds With Beards To Buy In 2022? When you have a dog, you may notice that they have a little extra scruff on their chins. Dogs with beards are adorable and appealing until they consume food or drink. Then they’re stuck with a kibble-filled flavour saver or a wet snout that they’ll have to wipe on the sofa, the floor, or trouser leg.

However, these bearded breeds exude a lot of personalities and, at times, seem far past their years. You need a dog with some facial hair. Remember to have a towel to wipe up the dog’s saliva and stray food scraps. Take a look at these cute pictures of dogs with beards.

Airedale Terrier

Because of their towering height and impeccable track record as hunters, military messenger dogs, sportsmen, and friends, Airedales are sometimes referred to as the “King of Terriers.” But we also call them the King the Bearded Dogs since few other dog breeds sports aches and lengthy beards like these dogs do (possibly because of their impressively large noses). The beards will sniff out any dirt, liquid, or debris, so you’ll need to clean their faces and mop up their messes daily.

German Wirehaired Pointer 

These puppies are distinguished by a profusion of whiskers at the tip of their noses and active brows. Their hairs are the main attraction of their fur, which is otherwise somewhat scruffy. German Wirehaired Pointers are high-energy working dogs. These canines would much rather go for a run, go on a hunt, or go on a hike than hang around indoors all day.

Bearded Collie Dog Breeds With Beards 

Bearded collies have limitless vitality, which they use to bounce their way into your heart. These playful family dogs were originally bred to herd sheep and are famous for their goofy behaviours and distinctive facial hair. Brushing and de-tangling are required regularly for these medium-sized dog breeds, so it’s important to introduce them to these tasks at a young age. The same goes for their paws, which you’ll often be stroking while bathing and de-gunking your dog.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 

The beautiful goatee of a Wheaten is one of the breed’s defining features. These young dogs resemble their distantly-related white Airedale Terriers quite closely. This breed was formerly used for its hard labour on Irish farms. Their positive attitudes and loyalty to their human companions have made them popular as pets. Although their shedding is little, their fluffy beige hair requires more combing than usual.

West Highland White Terrier 

The West Highland Terrier’s beard is as short as its body is stocky. Its facial fur is rather short and resembles stubble compared to its bearded counterparts. Despite this, members of this species are familiar with the discomfort of a post-meal beard full of crumbs and slop. Despite their cute teddy bear appearance, Westies are tough little dogs that aren’t afraid to get their paws muddy.

Brussels Griffon Dog Breeds With Beards 

There are two types of these gentle canine spirits, and they are distinguished by whether they have a rough or smooth coat. Rough-coated Brussels Griffons, or Griffs for short, are characterized by the shaggy beard that hangs down over their flat faces, making the breed an ideal candidate for regular shaving. These smart dogs will form strong attachments to their owners and become devoted companions for many years. They can get by well in an apartment with just a modest amount of activity.

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