Dog Vs Komodo Dragon Fight- Can A Dog Kill Komodo Dragon? Pulau Komodo Island is one of 17,508 islands that make up Indonesia. Located between the neighbouring islands of Flores here to the east & Sumbawa to the west, Komodo is a component of the province in East Nusa Tenggara. The coastline area is home to the Komodo Dragon, the giant lizard on the planet that bears the island’s name.

These lizards may grow to a maximum length of 10 feet and weigh 150 pounds. A unique video captures a Komodo Dragon searching for food in its natural environment. This massive reptile, with a ferocious bite and an armoured skeleton, is renowned for its stealthy hunting methods. An animal belonging to the Carnivora order is a dog. Dogs, indeed, have a long history. You might claim that there have been recordings of people with dogs for as long as there has been civilization.

Can A Dog Kill Komodo Dragon?

The dragon is the monarch of the Komodo. It consumes every other big animal on the island, including dogs, goats, water buffalo, wild boar, and deer. Likewise, a Komodo will devour lesser Komodos, birds, and even snakes if hungry.

Breeds Of Dogs That Are Largest And Strongest Can Kill A Komodo Dragon

Dogs are wonderful pets that everyone wants to possess and are the terrific company at times. They are also devoted to their owners, but there are certain breeds of dogs that you shouldn’t have as a pet.

Large Dane

The Great Dane is a large-sized domestic dog breed from Germany. Zeus, a Great Dane, holds the record for being the tallest dog ever. Zeus measured 111.8 cm from foot to shoulder. They are often regarded as friendly family pets and gentle giants. But Great Danes may become aggressive, just like any dog. They are fiercely protective dogs that may strike without any notice. Victims of a Great Dane bite may suffer severe and permanent effects.


The medium- to large-sized Boxer dog breed originated in Germany. It has short hair. Smooth and form-fitting, with fawn, brindled, or white coats that may or may not have white markings. Due to their assaults on youngsters, boxers and boxer mix frequently enter the list of “Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs.” Although the breed is not inherently violent, its high activity and urge to hunt may make it hostile.


The Bullmastiff is a giant breed of domestic dog with a muscular physique and a short snout. The Bullmastiff is a mastiff-type dog first bred by gamekeepers to defend estates in the 19th century.

Malamute of Alaska

The Alaskan Malamute is a significant domestic dog breed developed to have the power and stamina needed to pull sledges with hefty loads. They resemble other arctic, husky, and spitz species, including the Canadian Eskimo and Greenland Dog.

Although Alaskan Malamutes are often not violent animals, how a dog is raised may also influence whether or not they become hostile. For example, if they do not spend enough time around them as babies and are not adequately socialized, malamutes may be aggressive against other animals.

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