How To Take Care Of Red Merle Australian Shepherd Puppies? If you are reading this, you either acquired an Australian Shepard puppy (Congratulations!) or are considering doing so (You should!). In any case, you are curious to learn more about the breed and what it will take to ensure that you nurture it to be a healthy and happy adult.

How To Take Care Of Red Merle Australian Shepherd Puppies

  • Provide a private place for your Australian shepherd puppy. A crate and two bowls, one for food and one for water, should be provided for your puppy. In addition, a handful of your puppy’s favourite toys should be placed here.
  • If your puppy isn’t already housebroken, start house training him right away. After meals and sleep, take your puppy outdoors & wait for him to urinate. Praise and give him a treat when he succeeds to help him learn to relieve himself outdoors.
  • Limit the area in your home where your dog may roam. Keep the doors locked to prevent your puppy from getting into rooms with delicate or dangerous goods. Keep your puppy inside your line of view at all times.
  • Leash up the Australian shepherd puppy many times every day. Keep your puppy on a leash while allowing him to explore the yard so that he understands that it is in charge.
  • At least once daily, take your puppy for a 30-minute walk while keeping him on a leash. When your dog is still very little, you can walk him around the yard, but you can take him to the park or on trails and sidewalks as he gets older.
  • Give your puppy plenty of toys to keep him occupied so he won’t get into any of your belongings. If you discover your puppy chewing on anything it shouldn’t, remove the item and firmly say “no.” Your dog will learn his capabilities by letting him play with one of his toys.
  • Make sure they are showered and brushed often. They will also need you to wash their teeth for them frequently. Additionally, you will need to either regularly cut your dog’s nails or take them to a grooming service so they can do it. Their walking may become unpleasant if their nails become too long.
  • Don’t forget to give your pet the finest food you can afford. Find out which company offers the greatest product by doing some research. You shouldn’t give them food that has a lot of fillers. Your best option is organic and grain-free if you can afford it.

It’s Time To Train A Magnificent Australian Shepherd

You now possess all the knowledge necessary to grow an adult Australian Shepard that is both happy and healthy. Just remember that they receive enough exercise, eat properly, the groom often, and visit the vet as often as necessary.

The ideal Australian Shepherd will be produced as a result. Now that the baby is still very young, all that is left for you to do is enjoy those beautiful puppy hugs.

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