Thinking in a Newfoundland vs Great Pyrenees fight comparison- who will win? These are 2 dog breeds that have huge personalities along with even bigger hearts. If somebody wishes for a massive dog breed that is going to be simple to train and a delight to keep in the family then both of these breeds are going to meet their expectations. But if the individual is not sure which dog breed to pick out for any other reason then it is the moment to do a bit of research. 

Unless the individual is one dog breed expert they might not know a ton of things about either dog breed, or how these breeds differ in particular categories such as health grooming, etc. Luckily for them, the dog experts have done all this work and have evaluated each important aspect of both dog breeds.

Is the Great Pyrenees a better choice for a new dog than Newfoundland? These are two breeds of dogs that have personalities and hearts of gold. They are both great choices if you want a large breed dog that is easy to train and a delight to have around the house. It’s time to do some research if you’re unsure of the breed to choose for other reasons. So lets do a Newfoundland Dog vs Great Pyrenees Dog.

Interesting facts about Newfoundland

Newfoundlands were initially bred by Canadian breeders. They hail from Newfoundland, Canada. The genesis of Newfoundland is the subject of some debate. Breeders may have crossed them with the extinct black wolf, according to some reports.

What are the Energy levels of Newfoundland Dog?

The energy level is Average.

How is the Temperament of Newfoundland Dog?

Friendly and calm

How is the coat of Newfoundland Dog?

Black, black with white, and brown with white spots on the chest and tail tip characterizes Newfoundland coat colors. With a large head and short ears, Newfoundland dogs have a distinctive look. For swimming, they have large feet with webbing between the toes.

How Much Exercises Does A Newfoundland Needs?

As per the recommendation of the Kennel Club one hour of physical activities each day for Newfoundland is good, preferably including a swim. As any Newfoundland is good at swimming, in the presence of amazing capacity, webbed feet, and one waterproof coat.

How To Groom A Newfoundland? 

Comb and brush the coat of Newfoundland at least every 7 days to combat shedding and maintain their skin and coat health. Go over their coat with one big slicker brush to eliminate mats. Brush the coat utilizing one big wire-pin comb or one strong bristle brush.

What Are The Health Risks Of A Newfoundland? 

The Newfoundlands are prone to severe health risks such as 

  • Osteochondrosis Dissecans, 
  • SAS or Subaortic Stenosis, 
  • CHD or canine hip dysplasia, 
  • cystinuria,
  • elbow dysplasia,
  • epilepsy, 
  • Gastric torsion.

Interesting facts about Great Pyrenees Dog

The long, flowing white coats of the Great Pyrenees and their thoughtful looks make them easy to spot. These enormous, strong, calm, and intelligent canines, are affectionately referred to as “Pyrs”. They were bred in the Pyrenees highlands to protect sheep from large predators.

This dog, bred to guard sheep, has the extraordinary ability to complete his tasks independently of human direction. Because he was often left alone with the flock for lengthy periods of time, the “Pyr” has developed a bit of an independent streak. His protective instincts have made him a little wary of strangers, but he’s generally a loving dog who demands a lot of care from his family.

What is the energy level of the Great Pyrenees Dog?


How is the temperament of the Great Pyrenees?

Stoic and guardian

How is the coat of Great Pyrenees?

A polar bear is a natural comparison for the Great Pyrenees, given the breed’s height, strength, and thick, fluffy white coat. The shoulder height of a Great Pyrenees can vary from 25 to 32 inches. Males can weigh high over 100 pounds, while females average 85 pounds. There is a depth and intelligence to these canines’ eyes, which are a rich brown.

How Much Exercises Do Great Pyrenees Need?

This dog breed is not treated as one high-energy canine yet they do require a ton of mental stimulation to maintain their happiness. 120 minutes of physical activities each day is suggested – ideally on one walk with tons of smells and sniffs to keep the pet interested.

How To Groom Great Pyrenees? 

Spend about half an hour every week combing the pup to eliminate tangles and mats. The most accurate brush is one metal slicker with curved bristle and one stainless steel brush with wide-tooth and grooming rake. Essentially, one wishes for something capable of penetrating their fur.

What Are The Health Risks Of The Great Pyrenees? 

The Great Pyrenees dog, may suffer from minor health problems like 

  • osteosarcoma, 
  • entropion, 
  • OCD or Osteochondrosis Dissecans, 
  • cataract, 
  • skin problems, 
  • panosteitis, 
  • and chondrodysplasia. 


They are also prone to severe issues such as CHD or canine hip dysplasia and patellar.

Who will win in a fight, Newfoundland Dog vs Great Pyrenees Dog?

There is no proper answer in a Newfoundland vs Great Pyrenees fight comparison- who will win? As there are a ton of similarities between those dog breeds. They are both quite obedient and friendly. Some owners even believe these breeds are related! But they also differ in primary areas such as exercise requirements and health concerns. The dog an individual picks out must be a correct fit for their family. So they have to make sure they are looking at each of the factors before making any move. 

Both the Great Pyrenees and the Newfoundland are large breeds of dogs. However, despite their similarity in appearance and traits, their innate tendencies and personalities are quite different. In addition to being sociable and obedient, both breeds are also quite simple to teach. Protect your family and property with the Great Pyrenees, which are formidable defenders. Because of their affinity for both water and humans, Newfoundlands are wonderful companions for families with a lot of space.

Newfoundland vs Saint Bernard fight comparison- who will win?

It is difficult to predict who would win, but we think Great Pyrenees have greater chances of winning.

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