A lot of people believe that a dog is a man’s best friend. They are cute and loyal creatures that stay with you till the end of their life. It is your job to make sure that these loving pets get what they deserve and live their life out in a calm and peaceful way, with little to no health complications.

Your dog will not be able to take care of themselves. It is your duty to help keep them in good shape. Even if you have just gotten your first puppy, or have had dogs your entire life, there are definitely some things you should keep a check on. Having a dog brings with it a lot of responsibility. You have to take care of the amount of exercise they get, their diet and nutrition, and even their grooming.

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You should also be aware of your dog’s daily routine since this is the main factor that veterinarians check when your dog is sick. We have curated a list of tips and tricks to help you keep your dog fit and healthy.

Get them enough exercise

It is important to keep your dog physically active so that they are more immune to ailments. Depending on the size of your dog, he or she will have certain exercise requirements. For example, a bigger dog needs more space and more exercise, while a small dog only requires a few walks and playtime once a day.

Activities such as hiking, running, swimming, playing fetch, and even walks are considered a crucial part of the exercise for dogs. This not only helps them in getting fit but also acts as a bonding exercise between you and your pet. Just exercise is not enough though. Dogs also need a lot of mental stimulation to keep them away from boredom.

Use your head and provide your pet with toys to play with, hide their treats, practice new tricks or build obstacles for them in order to keep them busy and engaged. This can even be done by changing their walking route in order to let them experience new sceneries and smells.

Give them proper nutrition

The most important thing that keeps your dog’s health in check is their nutrition. It is important that you feed your dog the right amount of food so that it does not lead to severe health consequences. Dogs that are overweight and obese have a lot of health problems in the future. According to data presented by AAFCO, more than 50% of dogs in the UK are obese.

This number is astonishing and is still on the rise. Obese dogs are at an increased risk of ailments such as joint diseases, cardiovascular disease, lowered immune systems, and metabolic abnormalities. Being overweight also affects their ability to play, run, or do other physical activities. It is vital that you give them healthy and well-balanced meals that fulfill all of their nutritional requirements.

People who really care about their dog’s health have turned to raw food diets for their dogs. Choose a good Frozen Raw Dog Food Company if you want to start giving your dog raw food. Most companies have kept the nutritional requirements and foods to avoid in mind while making their products. Besides this, be sure to give them enough fresh water to drink and remember to not give treats that are more than 10% of their nutritional requirements for the day.

Make sure to get them regular checkups

Your dog’s health is as important as yours. Be sure to get them annual wellness exams apart from their vaccinations and the times that they fall sick. It is important to monitor and find out the symptoms of any disease early so that they do not suffer. Get your veterinarian to conduct different health screens in order to help in early detection. You can even get yearly dental appointments in order to help remove their tartar and plaque. This will help avoid a variety of dental problems in the future.


Grooming is considered to be quite important for a dog. This includes a variety of things such as keeping their nails trimmed, giving them regular baths, and brushing them at least three days a week. This helps in keeping an eye on any changes in your pet’s skin or furs, such as bald patches, dry skin, or dandruff. Grooming can also help you in checking for bumps or lumps that can be malignant and a cause of concern. Your veterinarian can provide you with the best grooming protocol for your pet.


In order to live a healthy and happy life, dogs also need to socialize. According to the UK Animal Hospital Association, if you get your dogs to socialize early in life, nudging them for the appropriate behavior, will decrease their risk of developing antisocial or aggressive behaviors in the future. Formative years are very crucial in a dog’s life. This is the most important period for socialization. It is important to make sure that your pet meets enough dogs and people during this time, and also later on in their life. Make it a habit of taking them to the dog park at least twice a week and even set them up on playdates with other dogs.

Neuter them

Getting your pet spayed or neutered can offer many benefits. There have been a ton of studies conducted about the advantages this offers to dogs. If you get your dog spayed, it can help in preventing some diseases and forms of cancer along with cutting down on aggressive behavior. This even increases their life expectancy. For females, it helps in reducing irritability and yowling when they are in heat.

Understand their routine

As a pet parent, it is vital that you understand their day-to-day behavior. This can help you monitor them and understand if they are doing something out of the ordinary. This is usually due to some problem or some disease. Knowing their routine can help you keep an eye out for underlying diseases.

Just feeding and walking your dog is not enough. It is important that you keep your furry friend safe, happy, and healthy for many years to come.

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