As much as we love to adorn our furry friends with all different types of clothes and accessories, collars remain the most important. Choosing the correct collar for your dog is a very vital decision for you and your pet. One can be easily confused about which collar to buy as there are so many options available in the market. Here are some types of collars every pet owner should know about and then you can choose the perfect fit for your pet.

Flat collar

Flat collars are one of the most easily available collars that you can find in the market. These are collars that have a single buckle attached. Ideally, this collar should be tied around your pet’s neck at such a distance where you can easily slip two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck. This collar is mostly made up of nylon or leather. Identification tags are also available in this type of collar.


If you own a dog that keeps slipping out of collars then you should consider buying a martingale collar. Martingale collars are pretty effective as a training collar as well. They have a loop of chain attached to the solid band which goes around your pet’s neck. The material used for this collar is a strong nylon fabric and won’t cut or choke your pet’s neck. Its structure allows it to fit your pet snugly enough.

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Head collar

In simple words, head collars, along with collars come with a functional muzzle which is made up of two straps of the same material as the collar and the straps go over the mouth like a muzzle. The collar and muzzle are connected to each other. These types of collars for pets can be used on aggressive breeds to establish control over them. While starting with this collar, the owner can put this collar around the dog for a few hours every day and allow the dog to develop comfort with the collar.

Training collar

Commonly called a training collar or training leash, these collars fall under the category of aversive collars. This collar is entirely made up of a metal chain and has two metal rings attached at both ends. One of the rings is smaller than the other and you tie this collar around your dog’s neck right behind the ear by slipping one ring through the other. Once connected to the leash, the collar keeps getting tighter as the owner keeps pulling it. This collar is easily available and the most affordable type of training collar available in the market. This type of collar should strictly be used for training purposes and to correct the aggressive behaviors of some breeds.


A harness is a kind of collar which is placed on the chest and goes over your dog’s abdomen. A leash is generally attached at the top of the harness. Some dog owners prefer harnesses over dog collars that go around the neck, especially for the dogs that have a greater tendency to pull since the harness gives the owner more control of the dog and there is no pressure on your pet’s neck.

These are the main types of collars every pet owner must know about. These collars come in various styles and varieties. Some collars come with a GPS tracker which is now being called the “smart collars” and some collars are anti-tick, anti-flea which prevent ticks and fleas from attacking your beloved pets. After reading this article, you will definitely have an idea of what you need for your dog.

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