dog harness is a handy piece of equipment that helps you manage your dog safely. It causes the least amount of discomfort for your dog, while also keeping it more secure than a collar would, and is thus being increasingly preferred by dog owners.

However, one of its main downsides is that it doesn’t offer any reflectivity at night when low light conditions reduce visibility. This is a significant drawback when you walk along roads with heavy traffic or in parks where most people need to use flashlights to navigate at night.

One of the easiest ways to enhance your dog’s visibility at night is by attaching reflective straps to your harness, or get yourself a Voyager harness that comes with reflective straps attached.

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Why Use a Harness with Reflective Straps?

For a dog harness to work as it should, the leash attachment needs to be at the front of your dog’s body. This is where you attach your leash when walking your dog or training it.

However, if the reflective straps are attached at this point on the harness, there isn’t enough room for you to attach both a collar and a leash. Thus, many reflective harnesses come with an additional ring at the back of the dog’s neck where you can attach a traditional collar or head halter.

What Must You Look For When Choosing a Dog Harness with Reflective Straps?

There are a few features you need to consider when choosing a harness with reflective straps. They include:

Comfortable Straps

A good dog harness comes with effective, durable, and comfortable straps that will not rub or chafe your dog’s skin when they walk on all fours. It is important to go for a durable material that will last long. A good example is a dog harness made of nylon which can withstand both the sun and rain, thus making it suitable to be used year-round.

Better Visibility 

For better night-time visibility, you must either remember to attach reflective straps to your dog harness, or buy one that comes with reflective straps by default, like a voyager harness.

There are several well-designed dog harnesses on the market that have been designed with extra reflective material to provide maximum visibility when walking your dog at night.

Overall Safety

Safety should be a priority when you choose a dog harness with reflective straps. A good example is a reflective dog harness that comes with a quick-release safety buckle. This is a good option for high-impact activities such as running, hiking, biking, and other outdoor sports.


The next significant feature to consider is the size of the reflective straps and overall weight. The best way to reduce this weight is by choosing a lightweight harness worn during all seasons and activities. This will improve the comfort level of your dog and increase its performance when playing or running around.

Choosing a reflective harness for your dog can significantly improve its safety, especially in low-light conditions where the leash attachment isn’t even visible. Many good quality options on the market come with durable and adjustable reflective straps to help you keep your dog comfortable and safe.

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