Nothing is more painful for a pet parent than losing his dearest pet animal. Since you are here, you are probably going through the same pain and wondering what to do now.

Dogs can run away from home and not find a way back home. Or someone may steal your lovable pet. Or there can be other reasons.

In this situation, immediate actions can only save you. Start with your search as soon as possible. Early searches are more effective than waiting for a while and then approaching searching.

We solely can understand your pain. This is why we are going to show you the 10 most practical ways you can find your lost dog.

9 steps to Find a Lost Dog

Before you search, you must hold your emotions back and think with your brain rather than your heart. This is a vulnerable phase and can affect your chances of finding your lost dog.

However, follow these 9 steps. We hope you will get back your pet soon.

1. Conduct a Deep Home Search

Dogs, especially puppies, love to play hide and seek. They often hide under blankets, inside cabinets, in store rooms, or some small places.

So, your search should start with your home first. Check every corner of your home, under beds, tables, in your washroom, or places where no one frequently visits. 

You can call out their names in a sweet tone. Also, offer their favorite treat. By this, if your dog is hiding, he may come out.

Another important place is your backyard or outside of your home. Look for bushes, a garage, and an abandoned corner. It is possible your dog is hiding there or gets stuck and does not get out.

2. Spread Your Missing Dog News in the Neighborhood

Next, extend your search to your neighborhood. First, spread the news. It can happen that your dog is playing with other animals in your neighbor’s place, and you are unaware of that. So someone can inform you if it happens.

Otherwise, search in their place yourself. You can ask for help from your loved ones. Next-door people may not sincerely search for your pet. So, you should get a physical search. 

3. Make Hand Out Flyers and Distribute in Local Places

Flyers may sound backdated to you. However, the hand-to-hand distribution is an effective way to find missing pets. 

Give some time to make an eye-catching flyer by adding all the necessary information about your dog. It is best to add a recent photo of him. By this, people can easily recognize. Also, do not forget to add caller ID or other important information.

Many websites give free flyer templates. You can use one of those and make copies.

Lastly, provide your contact information too. Also, seek permission from people you want to distribute or attract your flyer. It should not break any laws.

4. Check Security Cameras or Set Up One

Surveillance cameras are a great option to track lost dog movement. You can be sure if someone stole him or he just ran away. Check all the cameras your neighbors or any local space has. Share your situation with them so they let you check the footage. Then you can know which direction your pet heads and search there.

Another way for those who do not have any cameras. Set up one outside your home. You can know if your dog attempts to reach you or roams outside your home. 

Whatever you do, it should not break the privacy laws and regulations.

5. Contact Animal Shelters and Veterinary Clinics.

If you are living in a busy area, then unfortunately, your pet may have an accident. We truly hope that nothing happens like this. But still, it is wise to contact local animal hospitals or veterinary clinics. 

Not only for this reason, someone may find your dog and take him to these animal shelters or vet clinics. So visit these places and let them inform you about your missing dog. If there is an option to make a report, do that, too.

If you are way too busy, then you can also directly call them on their hotlines.

Right after adding in their social media pages or websites. By this, you can regularly check updates about missing pets.

Do not forget to give your contact information to them. 

6. Post on the Lost and Found Website

For reuniting lost pets with their owners, some dedicated websites work simultaneously. There are a bunch of pet lovers who work out of their love to find lost pets. PawMaw is one of the best pet lost and found websites. 

You can report your missing dog and create a lost and found pet post on the website. The process is not tough, as all you need to do is fill out a form with all the required information. They will try their best to reunite with your loving pet. 

7. Use Social Media Platforms and Your Social Accounts

Your social media account on different platforms can help you more than you think. This is the quickest way to grab more people’s attention quickly. So, without wasting time, make a detailed post about your missing dog and share it on your account. Ask others to share the news, too.

All the people around you can now know and help you. 

But the post should be full of information with a recent pic. Add yours and also one of your friend’s contact numbers. In case someone calls you and can not reach you. Then, they can reach out to your friend.

8. Use Microchip Data and GPS

Pet owners should always use a microchip or GPS with their pets, which can prove incredibly beneficial in times of danger. If your pet has one of these, then you are lucky. If you have started searching early, then first try to track the GPS tracker. 

These devices can give an exact location if it is not out of the range. You can access real-time locations. Other hand, microchips are not reliable like this. With a microchipped dog, someone needs to take the pet to a vet or microchip company. Otherwise, it is not that effective.

However, pet parents should not only rely on these gadgets.

9. Assign Teams to Search

Like you, many people have an enormous love for pets. These people most often build a pet organization where they help to find lost ones. There are volunteers or pet specialists who have skills and know the right approach to search. They detect signs, collect clues, and conduct searches quickly.

By contacting them, you can expand your search area. If you are out of budget, contact those who give free services. 


Dogs are humans’ best friends. Their playful, friendly natures make them the best companions of humans. Hence, pet dogs have become one of our essential family members. Thus, if these animals get lost, it brings a wave of pain, especially for the pet parent.

There are several reasons why dogs can get lost. But if you want to reunite with your dear dog, hold your tears and stand still. 

We have shown ways to find your lost dog. You should start by inspecting your home, expanding your search in the neighborhood and local areas, contacting vet clinics, and posting on websites. We pray you soon get back to your little pet.

Natalia Michelle

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