Today, we are going to pit two of the most popular wirehaired dog breeds against each other: the Wirehaired pointing griffon and the German wirehaired pointer. Both of these breeds are known for their excellent hunting abilities, but which one is better? Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between these two breeds and see who comes out on top!

What’s the difference between Wirehaired Pointing Griffon vs German Wirehaired Pointer?

Wirehaired Pointing Griffons and German Wirehaired Pointers are both hunting breeds known for their versatility and intelligence. However, there are some key differences between them. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon originated in France, while the German Wirehaired Pointer is from Germany. Griffons are usually slightly smaller in size and have a distinctive, tousled coat, whereas German Wirehaired Pointers are larger and sport a wiry coat.

In terms of temperament, both breeds are affectionate and trainable, but Griffons may exhibit more reserved behavior around strangers. When choosing between these breeds, it’s essential to consider your hunting needs, lifestyle, and the specific characteristics that align with your preferences.

These dogs are grown for gun dogs and have the ability of watchdogs. The American Kennel Club recognizes them both as a sporting breed in different years. Also, they are identified in the Pointing Dogs group and Continental Pointing Dogs section by  The Fédération Cynologique International (FCI), commonly known by the name World Canine Organization.

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wirehaired pointing griffon
wirehaired pointing griffon

Hunting abilities

Both the Wirehaired pointing griffon and the German wirehaired pointer are excellent hunting dogs, but they each have their own unique strengths.

The Griffon is known for its ability to track upland game birds, while the German wirehaired pointer is known for its superior sense of smell and ability to follow a scent trail.

Also take into account the Wirehaired pointing griffon is better suited for more experienced hunters because of its temperament.

Some of the griffons are trained to be mountain dogs as they can tolerate average to cold weather while German pointers can tolerate warm and cold weather. Both griffon and German pointer have a more generous impulse to chase and catch the prey than other breeds.


The Wirehaired pointing griffon is a slower, calmer breed than the German wirehaired pointer. They are also better suited for families with children, as they are not as excitable as the German wirehaired pointer.

The German wirehaired pointer is an active, high-energy breed that needs plenty of exercises. They are better suited for experienced hunters who have time to spend training and exercising their dog. They are not as good of a choice for families with children as the Wirehaired pointing griffon, as they can be too energetic and excitable for kids.

German pointers are more friendly and can learn quickly, whereas griffon can be trained to be intelligent and loyal.


The Wirehaired pointing griffon is a large dog breed that stands 23-27 inches tall and can weigh anywhere from 50-70 pounds. They have a thick, rough coat of hair that is either red/rusty brown or white in color.

The German wirehaired pointer is a similarly large dog breed that also stands 23-27 inches tall and can weigh anywhere from 50-70 pounds. They have a short, wiry coat of hair that comes in various colors including black, liver, and brown. Both breeds are considered to be good family dogs who are loyal and protective of their owners.

german wirehaired pointer
wirehaired pointing griffon


When it comes to the market price of Wirehaired pointing griffons and German wirehaired pointers, there isn’t much of a discrepancy. Both breeds typically sell for around $1,000. Wirehaired pointing griffons are considered a slightly rarer breed, but they aren’t outrageously expensive like some other purebreds can be.

Wirehaired pointing griffon (WPG)

The Wirehaired pointing griffon is a relatively rare breed of dog that originated in France. They are known for their excellent hunting abilities and are often used to hunt upland game birds. Griffons are also very sturdy dogs and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

This breed has a shallowly defined body with rough coats.

German wirehaired pointer (GWP)

The German wirehaired pointer is a more popular breed of dog, and is often used as a hunting dog in Germany and other European countries. They are known for their keen sense of smell and tracking abilities, as well as their thick coat of hair that protects them from the elements.

By appearance, the German Wirehaired Pointer has fluffy, tighter, flatter coats compared to griffons. German wirehair has a well-defined body of deep chest, more oversized heads, shaggy lengthier hairs on ears, muzzle, and eyebrows, and a higher waist arch.

Pros and cons

Wirehaired pointing griffons require more exercise than German wirehaired pointers and can be a bit more high-maintenance overall. They are also known to be a bit headstrong, so it’s important to find a good trainer who can help you manage your dog’s behavior.

On the other hand, German wirehaired pointers are considered one of the most versatile hunting breeds out there and are relatively easy to train.

The average lifetime for both species is 12 to 15 years. The griffon meals have to be given in 2.5 to 3 cups of dry foods as two meals, whereas German pointers have to be fed 3 to 4 cups of dry foods.  They both have average chances of stink smell

Wirehaired pointing Griffon


– Excellent hunting abilities

– Sturdy build that can withstand harsh weather conditions

– Good family dog that is loyal and protective of owners


– Requires more exercise than the German wirehaired pointer

– Can be headstrong and difficult to train without a good trainer

German wirehaired pointer


– They are very versatile hunting dogs that can point and retrieve game

– They are great companions and make excellent family dogs


– They require a lot of exercises



So, who wins in the Wirehaired pointing griffon vs German wirehaired pointer matchup?

In my opinion, both breeds are excellent dogs and have their own unique strengths.

The Wirehaired pointing griffon is a great choice for families with children because of their calm demeanor, while the German wirehaired pointer is perfect for experienced hunters who want a high-energy dog that is good at retrieving game.

Both breeds are loyal and protective of their owners, and typically sell for around $1,000.

What do you think? Which one is the right for you?

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