Australian Cattle Dog Vs Blue Heeler Comparison And Difference. If you’ve ever questioned if the Australian Cattle Dog and the Blue Heeler are different dog breeds, allow us to reassure you that they are. The Blue Heeler’s most distinguishing feature is its blue hue, a variant of the Australian Cattle Dog.

But why do they go by the name Heelers? What colour variants are there? And how closely do the Australian Cattle Dog and the Blue Heeler resemble one another? Is the colour blue? Let’s explore!

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian cattle dogs are a kind of herding dog that originated in Queensland, an Australian state. These dogs used to nibble at the base of a cow’s foot routinely. Some like nipping the bootheels of the guys in their vicinity. Because of this, the term heeler has been utilized to refer to people from Queensland who originally came through. They have a medium-sized physique that weighs between 23 and 27 kilos and are between 66 and 71 centimetres tall at the withers. Compared to females, guys are a little bit bigger and heavier. They have medium-sized, upward-pointing ears and black eyes.

They have muscular cheeks and a medium-sized, deep, and intense snout. Australian cattle dogs get a medium-sized, rather harsh coat of fur. This breed often comes in two colour varieties called Red Heelers & Blue Heelers. All red and blue herding dogs have an equal distribution of black and brown hair throughout the white coat. In addition, they have a lengthy, hairy tails.

Red Heeler

If blue heelers are considered, there may only be one trait to talk about, which is the colour. The blue heeler’s coat is azure overall with some black spots. Sometimes highly dark, sometimes times pale, the colour blue. It should be noted that other than colour, blue heelers are identical to red heelers in terms of temperament, size, and other characteristics.

Appearance Of Australian Cattle Vs Blue Heeler

The Blue Heeler and the Australian Cattle Dog are two muscular, compact canines that seem highly powerful and elegant. The male is around 18–20 inches, while the female is about 17–19 inches. This breed’s length often exceeds its height, and its weight should range between 40 to 55 pounds.
Colour Differences

The coat of a Blue Heeler may vary considerably depending on how the black hair distributes. It may have blue specks or blue dots. The Blue Heeler with blue spots has a coat that is primarily black in hue. The white colouring is dispersed in sporadic, tiny groupings that resemble white smears.

The coat of the blue-mottled variety is more white than black. The skin seems white this time, with a few little black dots. Let us inform you that there is also a Red Heeler variant of the Australian Cattle Dog to further aid in differentiating them. In contrast to the blue variety, which develops black hair as it ages, the Red Heeler puppy has brown hair sprouting on its coat.

Some canines combine the two. Some Blue and Red Heelers may have tan facial and back hairs in their coats, respectively.

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