The “Spy x Family” anime has taken the world by storm with its unique blend of espionage, comedy, and heartwarming moments. One character that has captured the hearts of many viewers is none other than Bond, the charming canine companion in the series.
But what breed is Bond, and why is he such a beloved character? Let’s dive into the “Spy x Family” world and uncover the secrets behind Bond’s breed.

What Kind Of Dog Breed is Bond, the dog in Spy x Family?

Tatsuya Endo never explicitly states the breed of the dog in the Spy x Family manga, but fans have long assumed it is a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. This breed of dog is often referred to as Great Pyrenees. This breed most closely approximates spy x Family’s character design. It has thick, white hair and frequently has black paws and is vast.

The French Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a relative of the Spanish Pyrenean Mastiff. The primary function of this breed is to keep predators like bears and wolves away from cattle.

Paying homage to the James Bond series, this member of the forger family has a black bow tie.

What Powers Does Bond Forger Have?

Bond, the dog from Spy x Family, was given the ability to perceive brief, fluttering glimpses of the future by Aya.

These visions may take place everywhere, from the nearby area to the opposite side of the city, and even months in the future. Although this will be portrayed in a future episode of the anime, he also has rudimentary fighting training and a keen sense of smell (even more keener than an ordinary dog in the series). With his status as Subject 8 in the former Ostania government’s Project Apple research organisation, Bond now has these abilities.

Unfortunately, the researchers severely mistreated Bond, who force-fed him rotten food and repeatedly zapped him with live electrical shocks. In addition, the Soviets would place explosives beneath German tanks and then use highly trained dogs to transport them to the detonation zone.

Tragically, this method resulted in the deaths of tens of hundreds of dogs since the canines frequently fled back to Soviet lines when they saw German tanks approaching, where they murdered the Soviet troops who had trained them.

Is Bond An Obedient Dog in the Spy x Family Anime?

He’s somewhat obedient but also has a mind of his own. Nevertheless, he’s a very good boy.

After saving a youngster from a falling board and helping Anya Forger alter the future to prevent Loid Forger’s death, Bond demonstrates that he is a kind canine. Also, he allows Anya to get her gloves back from a nasty dog by intimidating the animal.

Due to the tests, Bond now has the power of precognition, can predict the future, and is very bright for a dog. He was so smart that he defied the terrorists’ attempts to turn him into a suicide bomber. Bond’s experiments gave him a glimpse into the future and the ability to tell when events would affect that future.

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