Australian Shepherd Vs Australian Kelpie Comparison And Difference. Debating whether to have an Australian Kelpie or an Australian Shepherd? Both of these canines have certain similarities, but they also have significant distinctions. Find which of these common canine choices is most suited to your way of life by reading on! Herding dogs like the Australian Kelpie or Australian Shepherd fall under this category.

Please keep reading to learn more about the differences and similarities between these breeds, even though they all belong to the same breed group.

Australian Shepherd

Despite the breed’s popular name, the Australian Shepherd (or “Aussie”) was first registered in the United States in the 1950s. In the last decades of the nineteenth century, Basque shepherds emigrated from Spain to Australia, bringing their dogs with them when they eventually relocated to the United States. This is the original strain of dogs from which the breed was developed. This dog breed also has many devoted fans in the United Kingdom.

The Australian Shepherd does have a long history of acclaim as a superior herding dog; even now, in Australia, the breed is still often used for stock work and regularly competes in herding contests.

The American Stock Dog Registry now officially recognises three sizes of this working dog breed, having formerly only recognised the standard and giant varieties.

For the same reason, in 1957, the Australian Shepherd Club of America was established.

Australian Kelpie

In the rugged Australian outback, the Kelpie was developed about 1870 as a working dog breed to aid in the herding of sheep.

Australian farmers wanted a hardy dog that could protect their flock of sheep and survive in the country’s unforgiving climate.

These versatile canines may trace their lineage to the British herding dog, the Coley and Collie, the English and Australian shepherds, and the brave Dingo. It is estimated that the Dingo contributed to as much as 4% of their genetic makeup. These canines were transported to North America, where they easily adjusted to the new environment and cattle.

The Australian Kelpie isn’t your average house pet since they were meant to labour in the great outdoors. However, the United Kennel Club now officially recognises them, and the North American Australian Kelpie Register is where you may get one registered.

Lifespan Australian Shepherd Vs Australian Kelpie

Several variables, including the dog’s breed, contribute to how long a dog lives. Australian Shepherds tend to outlive their Australian Kelpie counterparts by a few years, with 12-15 years of age. However, kelpies in Australia may live anywhere between 10 and 15 years.


It isn’t easy to generalise a breed’s personality traits. This is because many variables might alter a dog’s behaviour, and every canine has its unique personality.

Both the Australian Kelpie and the Australian Shepherd would make excellent companion dogs. Because of their gregarious nature and kind demeanour, they are perfect for families. Both love their families, so they will quickly be accepted.

Australian Shepherds have a better reputation for being good with kids. Like many large breeds, Australian Shepherds have a soft and patient side that makes them great with youngsters. However, as we’ve shown, this isn’t always the case. While Australian Kelpies might be okay with children after some socialisation, this is by no means guaranteed.

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