Every year, over 2 million kids are bitten by dogs. That’s a big number, and you should keep that in mind if you consider bringing a dog into your home. Luckily, there are several ways that you can mitigate the risk to your children when you adopt a pup, including choosing the right breed. Let’s find out what are the best dog breeds for children

What are the best dog breeds for children?

Here are six dog breeds that are best for households with children.

#1. Collie

If there’s one thing you can say about collies, it’s that they aim to please. They want to make you and everyone else around them as happy as possible. They love smiles, and they love to goof around and have fun.

They are also known for their abilities as herders, which means they enjoy being around other animals and people and keeping everyone together. They are very smart and trainable, so you can be sure that a collie will quickly understand what you expect of him.

Because they are so social and have long been used to herd other animals, they are generally found with kids and may apply some of that herding instinct to keep them out of danger.

#2. Labrador Retriever

Labs are the complete package. They are smart, adorable, love to play, enjoy cuddling, and have bundles of energy.

They can match children’s excitement and vibes and will enjoy joining in on the run or watching them play from afar.

In addition, labs are adaptable, so they don’t mind if a routine is broken or there are sudden loud noises. Your kids will be a part of a lab’s pack immediately, and they are very loyal to their families.

labrador retriever best dog for children

#3. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are small dogs, but they pack a lot of hearts into their tiny frames. They love to run and play and tend to get into trouble. It’s just like having another kid around the house, which may be why they get along so well with children.

A Bichon can match the energy of the kids in your home and will go along with any schemes and games that your kids have gotten into.

They don’t get easily startled and can put up with the poking and prodding that can sometimes be a part of living with children.

If a Bichon gets frustrated, it’s small enough that it can almost always find somewhere to hide away without disruption. They are a great choice if you see Bichon puppies for sale and have kids in your home.

Also, the Bichon Frise is a hypoallergenic dog, so it’s great if your child have allergies.

#4. Golden Retriever

It’s well-known among dog trainers that a tired dog is a good dog. The more energy they’ve expanded, the more amenable they are to commands and routine. The same could be said about rambunctious kids.

They love to run and play and let their curiosity get the best of them. It can be hard for a parent to find a way to help kids expand this energy, but a golden retriever can certainly help.

They have tons of energy and love to spend time outdoors running around. They can also swim and retrieve with the best of any breed. In addition, they are loyal and sensitive to danger and will always stick by your kids’ sides.

#5. Golden Doodle

A golden doodle is a cross between a labrador retriever and a poodle. You can get the best of both worlds with this mixed breed. Poodles are incredibly smart and very trainable.

As mentioned above, goldens have abundant energy and love to play and spend time with family and friends. Labradoodles are also known for their patience, which is adapted from both breeds.

They can handle getting pulled at and poked in the eye on occasion.

Another bonus about a labradoodle is that they don’t shed much, so if you have children with allergies or asthma, this would be a perfect option.

#6. Newfoundland

When it comes to shedding, a Newfoundland would be the opposite of a goldendoodle. They do tend to shed, and they droop more than you might like, too. However, they are incredibly gentle with adults and kids alike.

They love to be around family, and they love giving and receiving affection. If you’ve got kids that want to sleep with their puppy and grow with a best friend and pet, then a Newfoundland is a wonderful choice.

Training your dog (and children)

can dogs hurt children

You should, of course, take your dog to training classes so that they are better behaved and understand how to act around kids. You can also train your kids about dogs and how they should act when in their presence.

Besides training, you can also get a dog that is less likely to be aggressive toward children in the first place, which are

Can dogs hurt children?

Dogs are very much animals that react based on instinct. They have a good feeling for when someone acts threatening or unusual around them, which is when their defenses go up.

Children give off a different energy than adults in many cases. They can be restless, loud, or make sudden movements that can cause a dog to be uncomfortable or to startle them.

Dogs can have difficulty fully trusting an unpredictable human, and many children are just that.

However, some dogs are more adaptable than others, and they understand children and why they are different from adults.

There’s nothing better or more exciting than bringing a new dog into the home. But no matter what you choose, there’s a good chance that you will have a pet and a new family member to share your life with.

However, if you have kids, you want to make sure that you go with a breed that will tolerate them and be a pet that can have fun and bond with them. Any of these choices would be an amazing addition to homes with kids with the right preparation and training.

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