Can dogs eat cherries? The brief answer is no. Dogs must not eat this fruit even when the dog might have consumed 1 or 2 cherries in the past and was okay with it afterward. A bunch of fruits is safe and healthy for a dog. However, even though cherries do carry a couple of advantageous nutrients they can do a lot more damage than good and typically it is not worth the threats. There are a bunch of human food items that are appropriate for a dog and represent themselves as better options than cherries.

A dog owner must ask their vet before offering human food items to their dog as always. Here are a couple of essential details a dog owner requires to understand when it comes to cherries and dogs. 

Why is this food not good for a dog?

The leaves stem along with pits of cherries do contain cyanide. That is toxic. So it might generate poisoning in pets if eaten in larger amounts. Even though the quantity of cyanide in 1 or 2 cherries possibly is not enough to generate severe damage. But there is no requirement for threatening that type of reaction when there are a lot of replacements for this fruit that can offer similar health advantages a dog can get from those.

The pits of cherries are also problematic for a dog. Because they can generate obstructions in the intestine. That is the most typical issue a dog has when consuming cherries. Also, it is one severe trouble that can end up in some of the worst complications. Even when a dog has not consumed the pit the fruit itself is going to create a gastrointestinal upset in a dog. Now let’s focus on other questions than can dogs eat cherries?

What should a dog owner do when their pet consumes cherries?

1 or 2 cherries should not create any trouble. But a dog owner must still keep their eyes out for the symptoms of cyanide toxication in their pet. The threat of toxication is high when their dogs have consumed a bunch of cherries.

Signs of cyanide toxication in a dog involve:

  1. Dilated pupils 
  2. Vibrant red gums
  3. Difficulty breathing
  4. In severe cases, a pet might go into shock. 

A dog can also go through diarrhea or a stomach upset even when they are not necessarily poisoned. If the owner notices any of those signs they should get in touch with their vet right away. The bigger concern if a dog only consumes one or two cherries is the possible gastrointestinal obstruction from the pit of the cherry. Signs of gastrointestinal block involve vomiting, decreased appetite, along with constipation.

A dog owner must keep their eyes out for those signs at least one day after their pet has consumed cherries. When they do notice any symptoms of one gastrointestinal block, they must talk with their veterinarian as fast as possible.

It is wise to stand with real food items that incorporate ingredients that the owners are familiar with. Because those are renowned for being okay for dogs. They can also ask one vet or nutritionist for more recommendations on what snacks are healthy and safe for their dog, instead of guessing the answer of can dogs eat cherries?

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