Keeping a pet is a huge responsibility. You have to take time out from your busy life and perform a list of chores for their welfare. One of the most important tasks on the list is to take them out every now and then. If you are looking forward to giving your pet the freedom and comfort to move around on its own, you must consider installing dog doors in your house.

Why Install A Dog Door?

As a pet owner, dog doors can make your life easier and give you some free time on your hands. They allow your pet the ability to go outside for a stroll or pee when you aren’t available.

Instead of having to let your pet in and out, you can sit back and relax. Many dog doors come with convenient, lockable panels, which provide security and convenience. Once you make up your mind to finally install a dog door, it can be intimidating to pick one that will work the best for you.

With so many choices in dog door sizes and types out there, how do you pick the right dog door? Here’s all you need to know about them:

How to Choose the Right Dog Door

Consider Your Pet’s Size

It is crucial that you pick a dog door of the right size. These doors come in various shapes and sizes, so you need to take the correct measurements.

Start by measuring the width of your pet. Facing your pet, measure the chest or hip from one side to the other. Remember to add two extra inches to your total for a buffer. For the height, follow the same rule by measuring from the shoulders to the chest. Make sure to have enough room so your pet can comfortably fit through the door without struggling. If your pet is young, allow some room for growth.

Focus On The Location

Now that you have the size, you need to find the perfect location to install the dog door. In the market, there is a new trend of different styles of dog doors that can be installed on walls and not just doors. However, a door model dog door is still mostly preferred.

Door model dog doors are constructed from different materials and have different depths than a through-wall model dog door. You can choose from the several models available based on the nuances of your home.

Companies like Hale Pet Door also provide DIY dog doors. These easy-to-install dog doors come in different models, including wall and screen models, depending on where you plan to install your dog door. These dog doors fit perfectly in metal doors, wood doors, hollow core doors, raised panel doors, and even French doors.

Importance Of Location

The location you choose for installing the dog door will affect the dynamic of your house. You will be required to rearrange your furniture or relocate fragile pieces accordingly.  So, make sure to choose a place where both the outside and inside are free and safe for your pet.

Quality And Security Are A Must

While choosing a dog door for your pet, never compromise on quality and security. If you are not careful enough, dog doors can be a free entry for all kinds of trouble. Find a dog door that can ensure your safety and is weather-friendly. Choose one with multiple lock options and selective entry.

Electronic Dog Doors

There are lots of electronic dog door options available in the market that can read the sensor or microchip on your pet’s collar. They will open only for your pet and no one else. When your pet is within range, they allow him/her to go in or out. Make sure to use a battery-operated model because these dog doors run on electricity and won’t work if the power goes out.

Training Your Pet to Use the Dog Door

If you do find the perfect dog door for your pet, it is important to train them to use it properly. Pets are usually good at reading and reacting to emotions, so make this training fun for both of you. Be sure to include a lot of treats. Remember that some pets take more time to learn this trick than others.

Here are a few tips for training your pet:

Familiarizing Your Pet with the Dog Door

Help your pet become familiar with the dog door opening by lifting the door and showing it to them.

Don’t force your pet to come through the dog door at once. Take your time to avoid frightening your pet.

Encouraging Your Pet to Use the Dog Door

Use your pet’s favorite treats as encouragement. Make them familiar with the process with multiple family members, and praise your pet when he successfully uses the dog door.

Gently lower the door flap on the pet as it exits and enters to get it accustomed to the feel on its back.

Taking it Slow and Making it Fun

  • Once your pet gets used to the idea of using the dog door, lower the flap and motivate him to push through the flag on his own.
  • Just like any other training, take it slow and make it fun for your pet!

Final words

When you saw the movie – Home Alone, you might have grown to think that dog doors are nothing but a “Thieves Welcome!” sign. The reality, however, is quite different. Dog doors can provide freedom to your pets while taking some work off your shoulders.

However, it is important to know the basics and choose the perfect dog door for your pet. Once that is done, your dog is free to move in and out as he/she wants while you can sit back and relax.

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