Strong and big dog breeds who can protect the family and work hard are always going to be and have always been properly appreciated among all kinds of dog owners. If that is the kind of dog breed any potential dog owner is searching for then they must know in the Tibetan Mastiff vs Kangal Dog fight comparison- who will win? As these two breeds are going to be placed pretty much on top of this list.

Even though those dog breeds arrive from 2 different sides of the world, these breeds still have a ton in common. They are both quite strong-willed, strong, and very protective. However, the dog experts are going to compare Kangal vs Tibetan Mastiff to see what divides them along with what are the distinct qualities of each dog breed. So let us dive in.

They’re both fiercely independent, willful, and protective species. The Tibetan Mastiff vs Kangal comparison will allow us to understand the differences between the two breeds better. So lets do a Tibetan Mastiff Dog vs Kangal Dog.

Tibetan Mastiff vs Kangal Dog comparison

Interesting facts about Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs are likely the common ancestor of all modern Mastiff breeds because of their extensive history.

In the Himalayas and Tibet, they were initially evolved in harsh conditions. In the beginning, they acted as a line of defense for the residents, their animals, and their property. Tibetan monasteries frequently employed them as watchmen and guardians.

How is the temperament of Tibetan Mastiff Dog?

Tibetian Mastiffs are known for their work ethic, intelligence, and loyalty. They form strong bonds with their owners and become fiercely protective of them.

What is the Country of Origin of Tibetan Mastiff?


How is the appearance of Tibetan Mastiff Dog?

When you encounter a Tibetan Mastiff, the first thing you notice is its massive, well-muscled frame. Their regal beauty is enhanced by a mane like a lion’s. They’re remarkably graceful and nimble when they’re moving. Tibetan Mastiffs have a thick, double coat that protects them from the elements.

With its furry mane and huge size, one Tibetan mastiff almost appears like a lion. The dense double fur coat of this dog breed can be gold, red, blue-gray, black, and brown. Oftentimes they have spots around their tail, legs, throat, muzzle, and eyes that vary from mahogany to silver.

How to exercise a Tibetan Mastiff? 

A Tibetan Mastiff is going to require at least 60 minutes of exercise each day. The experts are going to suggest splitting that into 3 or 2 walks in the presence of a couple of off-lead game plays in one secure area. On top of that, a Tibetan Mastiff requires a ton to keep their brains proactive.

What is the diet of a Tibetan Mastiff?  

Offer the Tibetan Mastiff top-quality fish or/and red meats with added veggies to give extra antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins in the presence of sources such as probiotics omega fatty acids, chondroitin, and glucosamine.

Interesting facts about Kangal Dog

Originally from Turkey, Kangal dogs were used as livestock protectors in the Sivas area of the country. Named after the nearby village of Kangal, where they first lived. Predators of various sizes, such as bears and wolves, were kept at bay by this breed. Recently, they’ve found success protecting livestock in Africa from predators like lions and Cheetahs, where they’ve been transported.

How is the temperament of  the Kangal Dog?

Despite their intimidating appearance, Kangals have a calm and collected demeanor.

What is Kangal country of origin?


What’s the appearance of the Kangal Dog?

Kangals have a frightening aspect due to their massive size and heavy boning. They have a similar build to mastiffs, but they’re far more slim and agile. They have a dense double coat that is only a few inches long. Insulation is provided by the coarse topcoat, which is waterproof, while the soft undercoat protects them from both freezing and hot conditions.

One wide head which is one bit like a lion is paired with velvet-like drop ears and their body is lengthy with one curled tail. A Kangal dog sports one short, and double fur coat of dense fur. It has sand like hue, while the face has black fur which resembles one mask. Also, their ears are covered in black hair.

How to exercise a Kangal dog?

A Kangal Dog can thrive in any suburban or urban setting, yet a growing pup of the Kangal breed requires a tin of physical activities in the form of slow jogs and walks with their keepers, on lead. These physical activities must take place preferably on one natural surface when moving more rapidly than one walk.

What is the diet of a Kangal Dog?

Ideally, a keeper would offer their Kangal Dog one diet based on top-quality dehydrated dog food. There are a ton of premium companies that cater to large dog breeds along with offering kibble blends that meet their requirements. Also, they are going to be required to make sure that those kibbles they are getting are age-appropriate for the pet.

Who will win in a fight, Kangal Dog vs Tibetan Mastiff?

These two breeds are almost always included on lists of the strongest dog breeds. Each of them has a powerful bit and is a tough and rough breed.

As a result, the Tibetan Mastiff may have an advantage in terms of brute force. Nevertheless, Kangals are sometimes referred to as the strongest breed in the world due to their unique blend of muscle and athleticism.

Also, their bite has been the most powerfully documented of any species to date. At a whopping 743 psi, their teeth pack quite a punch. Tibetan Mastiffs, while no match for Kangals, that have a 550 PSI bite force that is unmatched.

Saint Bernard vs Kangal Dog fight Comparison- Who will win?

So it’s clear that the Tibetan Mastiff will win a fight.

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