The world may be going with the lockdown but pets still need care. Hence the workers who will maintain pets by filling their nails to haircuts have to still be on duty. It is not doubted that without these workers a pet life is total chaos but what if the workers themselves are scared to come out of their homes.

On the other hand, pets are incredibly increasing as one pet is seen in 60% of homes. With the rise in the adoption of pets, the demand for workers is rising fast. But for a fact pets have not shown any visible sign of spreading diseases and hence no one should be worried about it.

As the pet needs to be groomed this requires pet workers to be closed to them. This may increase the spread of coronavirus but a better solution is needed for the problem. So what can you do to keep your pet safe? Here are the major things that should be followed.

The first question any pet owner has is will my pet be affected by coronavirus so here is the answer; no pets are not affected due to the virus. Until now there is no major proof presented that may go against this point.

Get the stock

The first and foremost thing for a pet is food. Every pet can not sustain without proper food and a pet owner knows that normal food can not be given to a pet. They are accustomed to a specific kind of diet that can not be replaced in a short period of time.

Beyond food, there are various pet services in Los Angeles or anywhere needed such as medications and cleaning material. All these things should be available when and where needed. So you need to keep a stock of the things required.

The basic idea you can apply is maintaining a separate basket for your per. Keep everything needed in the basket. Also, some emergency tools can be kept here which may be required for the pet.

Maintain cleanliness 

The COVID 19 pandemic has shown the usefulness of a clean environment and hence it is our responsibility to give that environment to our pets need to prepare a cleaning routine for yourself and your pet. Once you are complete with the cleanliness routine then there is no chance of spreading the virus.

You can choose the best pet service in Los Angeles to get dog grooming in Los Angeles or cat grooming according to your pet. You do not have to be scared it is a routine and if taken care will not cause any problem.

Emergency numbers in handy

There can be a time when you need to leave your pet alone but you can not do that. Your pet needs the care from one person and hence you must have a backup person. This person should be close enough to take care of the pet whenever needed.

Start by keeping a record of the details of the backup caretaker. You must have his number and other details. These details should be saved to the nearest point except on your mobile phone.

I hope you like reading this article.

Hey there! I'm Ximena and I absolutely love pets. Besides writing on this blog, I usually rescue orphan dogs and find them a new home