How To Stop A German Shepherd From Peeing In The House? As you go through your home, something damp unexpectedly catches your foot. Not again, you mutter. Your German Shepherd urinated inside the house after once again forgetting his manners. Nothing appears to work, even when you reprimand and toss him outdoors.

Nevertheless, you find yourself cleaning your carpet once again. Although it may be challenging, teaching the German Shepherd not to urinate inside the home is essential for a positive connection with your dog. Moreover, for the wellbeing of your floor.

Reasons Your German Shepherd Could Urinate Inside

Your German Shepherd may be urinating inside for various causes, some of which we shall list below.


Your German Shepherd may be feeling worried or nervous due to anything. Perhaps due to a controlling family member, a move, or a recent buddy loss. It would help if you took action to address the issue to prevent it from losing control of its bladder when it is worried or nervous. If you’re unsure how to handle it, think about seeking assistance from a dog behaviourist.


German Shepherds may urinate due to losing control of the bladder when they get overexcited. While this is typical while they are young, you should take your German Shepherd to the vet if it does so when it is not a puppy.

Stop A German Shepherd From Peeing In The House

We’ll list a few methods below that you may use to convince your German Shepherd to quit peeing indoors. Of course, the ideal approach for the German Shepherd will rely on what is causing it to urinate inside, so be conscious of that.

Train It To Not

You must take the dog outside every hour and wait for it to defecate or pee to teach it to use the restroom outdoors. You will give it a gift and some extra attention as a reward when it does. Be uninteresting while you are outdoors to avoid interfering with the animal’s natural urination. This technique encourages your German Shepherd to relieve itself outdoors by educating it that going outside will bring you what you desire.

Training In Crates

Training your German Shepherd in a box is an additional helpful technique. When done correctly, it will provide your German Shepherd with a place it can visit and regard as its own home. As a result, it will be far less likely to urinate there while inside, urging it to hold off until it can go outdoors. In addition, many crates come with detachable trays, which make cleanup considerably more straightforward in the event of an accident.

Do Not Penalise It To German Shepherd From Peeing

When it urinates inside, it could be tempting to discipline it. If you do, however, it could not understand why you’re punishing it, which might result in additional behavioural problems, including stress, anxiety, and destructive behaviour. So instead, please pick it up and carry it outside when it does it. Reward this when it goes out to do it.

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