Irish Wolfhound Vs Great Dane Comparison- Which Is The Biggest In Two? The Irish Wolfhound & the Great Dane are both enormous canines. Even though they share many traits, they are highly distinct. Both species may happily live inside and need modest maintenance. Eight significant distinctions between both the Irish Wolfhound & the Great Dane in terms of looks, personality, and health will be covered in this article.

Irish Wolfhound

We reasoned that it could be simpler to discuss one breed first, followed by the other. The Irish Wolfhound will be thoroughly discussed, and then we’ll move on to the Great Dane. It has long been believed that the Irish Wolfhound is a gentle giant. It is one of the biggest breeds of dogs. They may reach almost human proportions and weigh over 100 pounds in certain circumstances. These huge canines need space to play and run about.

Great Dane

Let us look just at Great Dane right now. These are perhaps a little smaller than an Irish Wolfhound, but they are the same size. They are similar in size. These dogs are a large, amiable breed not descended from hounds. The Great Dane has short hair despite being a large, powerful dog. Like the dog, they are friendly and gregarious. They like having fun and playing. Due to their size, they are terriers and will undoubtedly sound frightening. They often bark loudly but don’t bite. These could be better suited for an accomplished dog owner.

Coat Of Irish Wolfhound Vs Great Dane

The Irish Wolfhound has a tough, gritty coat. Long, wiry hair develops under the jaw and around the eyes. A single, short, and smooth skin cover Great Danes. The coat is easy to groom and doesn’t need much maintenance. Compared to Irish Wolfhounds, their coat is shorter. The fur of an Irish Wolfhound is longer and shaggier.


The primary seven AKC-approved colors are black, brindle, white, blue, merle, harlequin, or mantle. Although some people believe white and “fawnaquin” to be color patterns, the purest producers and fans do not. Therefore, the coat of an Irish Wolfhound may be grey, brindle, red, black, white, or fawn.

Temperament Of Irish Wolfhound Vs Great Dane

The Irish Wolfhound was also once bred to hunt, but it is no longer the focus of their breeding. Most often, they are no longer used as guard dogs. Most likely, the Irish Wolfhound will be a calm dog that loves humans. They will be quite energetic, particularly while they are young. They usually become more relaxed and content as they age, but they will still be active and enthusiastic dogs. Irish wolves like playing with children and adore them. They are sensitive and dislike being in trouble, but when it comes to exercise, they react well to praise.

They could see smaller animals as prey and not get along with them. However, you may combine them, especially if you have prior ownership experience. When the hound is young, you may also introduce them together, which will be beneficial. As we have said, Great Danes are gentle giants. They unquestionably share this trait with Irish Wolfhounds. Due to their propensity for barking, they may make ideal guard dogs. Their bark is loud, so it will probably deter burglars and protect the house. They are incredibly laid-back and joyful canines who guard their home.

Irish Wolfhound Vs Great Dane Comparison- Which Is The Biggest In Two?

While the Great Dane is between 28 and 32 inches tall, the Irish Wolfhound is between 28 to 35 inches tall.


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