Thinking of “Mastiff vs Cane Corso fight comparison- who will win?” to be adopted.  But are not sure which one of this giant yet gentle is one better mate for your family and lifestyle?

Both breeds of dogs are treated as giant dogs. Both of them are simply going to weigh in at a minimum of over 100 lbs. This makes them a lot to take care of for first-time dog owners. If the individual is not an experienced dog keeper, the experts are going to suggest not to look at either of these dog breeds. With that being said, few breeds are more faithful than a Mastiff, also known as a Cane Corso.

In this column, the experts answer questions like which dog makes the most appropriate protection dog along with which dog makes a better family pet. Both an English Mastiff and a Cane Corso were created for contrasting purposes. So it is necessary to realize the character of those breeds before determining which one is the better one for any family. Let us jump in to compare the 2 gentle giants!

As security dogs, the Cane Corso and the Mastiff have long been a part of the working dog community. Mastiff and Corso are quite similar in appearance, and there is a slight possibility that people would mistake one for the other. Breeders refer to the Italian Mastiff as the Cane Corso because of its ancestry to the Mastiff. Learn as much as you can before deciding on one of these gorgeous dogs. So, let’s get to it and see what makes the Mastiff vs Cane Corso breeds so dissimilarly.

Interesting Facts about Mastiff

The vicious hounds guarding the British Isles met the Romans during their invasion in 55 BC. As forebears of the Mastiff, Julius Caesar was amazed by them.

What Is The Height and weight of Mastiff ?

Full grown, males start at 30 inches tall and may weigh as much as 200 pounds (90 kilogrammes) (90 kilograms). Females start from around 27 inches in height and weigh roughly 150 pounds (68 kilogrammes) (68 kilograms). The mastiff is huge, strong and muscular.

What is the Trainability of Mastiff?


How is The appearance of the Mastiff?

Mastiffs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a wide range of coat colours and textures. Mastiffs can have a long or short coat, which sheds seasonally. They have long ears that are not customarily docked and prominent lower jowls in the Mastiff breed. Also, Tibetan Mastiffs have a lion-like mane of hair on their heads and necks.

What Kind Of Personality Does A Mastiff Have?

The mastiff’s roots of being a guard dog breed are likely to reveal themselves whenever visitors arrive at the house. This dog breed is more prone to be distrustful of strangers along with being protective of their perceived territory and family. Even so, the mastiff can bark infrequently.

How To Exercise A Mastiff?

Approximately 60 minutes of physical activities every day for a Mastiff is good. As one giant dog breed, they mustn not be over-exercised. So walks must not be very long and gentle. Specifically in the 1st couple of years of any Mastiff’s life.

What Is The Diet Of A Mastiff?

5 to 7 cups of top-quality dehydrated dog food daily which is separated into 2 meals is good for an adult Mastiff. Although puppies can have different diet requirements.

Interesting Facts about Cane Corso

Similarly, the Cane Corso is a descendant of huge Roman combat dogs, as well. However, he was put to better use as a farm dog than a fighter. At the same time, he looked after his family’s needs by working as a shepherd, driving cattle to market, and pulling carts. He was also employed to hunt wild boar and other game in order to retain his place in the household.

What Is The Height and weight of Cane Corso?

Large and robust, the Corso is an ideal dog for a family with children. Males are 25 to 27.5 inches tall at the withers, while females are 23.5 to 26 inches tall. From 90 to 120 pounds might be expected depending on height.

What is The trainability of the Cane Corso?


How is The appearance of the Cane Corso?

The Cane Corso has a short coat that doesn’t shed and four traditional colours. Mastiff-like features include a massive skull topped with long, usually un-cropped ears and pronounced jowls on the lower jaw and neck. White patches on the upper chest and lighter colouration around the muzzle are the most common marks.

What Kind Of Personality Does A Cane Corso Have?

The ideal Cane Corso is affectionate and docile toward their family, involving children. To get to that stage they need training and socialization from a young age. This dog breed is not going to do good in a house with a member who dislikes or is scared of dogs and is not capable of managing one huge dog.

How To Exercise A Cane Corso? 

A Cane Corso is one high-energy dog breed that needs a minimum of 3 half an hour of physical activity each day as a fully grown. Outdoor games such as fetch, along with running are going to assist in preventing boredom and keep Cane Corso healthy and fit. Physical activities for puppies must be restricted as expanding joints and bones can be damaged.

What Is The Diet Of A Cane Corso?

The diet must carry muscle meat, liver healthy fats, edible bones, and veggies which are filled with important minerals and vitamins for great performance and health.

Who will win in a fight, Mastiff vs Cane Corso?

The Mastiff is a calm, stable, and loyal canine with a big heart. A superb addition to any household, it is always ready to please and always loyal. Mastiffs are sensitive to harsh words and training techniques, and they might become unresponsive or stubborn if they are not handled with care and patience. Positive incentives like cookies and exuberant praise are the most effective methods of training this breed. As long as its owner is tough yet kind, the Mastiff will quickly pick up on his owner’s orders and show off his superior intelligence.

Even though the answer for the “Mastiff vs Cane Corso fight comparison- who will win?” Is not clear if the Mastiff can have a little more advantage because of its bigger size. But both breeds require experienced dog keepers. Although the Cane Corso is more cautious about the safety of their family, they both are great god dogs.

The Cane Corso is a faithful and protective dog. As long as the Corso has a strong leader, it is a wonderful family dog. Inexperienced dog owners should avoid this breed due to its demanding training requirements.

While both are strong, we believe Cane Corso has a higher chance of winning in a fight.

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