Can not determine between Nutro-vs-diamond-naturals food comparison and difference- which is better? Picking out the correct diet is essential for the overall health of any dog breed. That makes it more essential to research the accessible dog food companies that are currently out there.

Each of those dog food brands has something unique to provide when it comes to nutrition. But how does one decide which brand serves the dog best? Today the experts are going to make the hunt simpler by breaking down 2 famous dog food companies: Diamond Naturals and Nutro dog foods.

Let us break down these brands in terms of ingredients, cost, and more! By the end of the comparison, the experts hope to assist the reader make the final determination between the Diamond Naturals and Nutro dog food.

If you are a dog owner, then it is inevitable that your life revolves around it. So naturally, you only want what’s best for them, whether it is something as simple as their leash or as significant as their food. The diet you feed your dog can have a significant impact on their overall health and lifetime. However, while it is fundamental, it can also be confusing. Both of these dog food manufacturers offer something special in nutrition, but how to decide which is the best one for your dog? Let us compare Nutro vs Diamond naturals.

Nutro vs Diamond naturals foods


Brand history

 Nutro is considered a premium dog food brand as it entered this arena almost ninety years ago. They have become the most well-known alternative for natural and grain-free pet food because they are a division of Mars Incorporated.

The brand stands out from its competitors as it is the first to create a wide range of natural foods. It assists pets with sensitivities, unique dietary requirements, and more.


Nutro has only had three food recalls in nearly a century, which is very low compared to other brands.

Food ingredients

The brand takes a lot of pride in the quality of the ingredients as it always uses natural protein and is free of any meat byproduct. They are also free of any artificial flavours or preservatives.

Range of formulas

Like humans, dogs also go through many stages throughout their life and require different diets. Nutro offers five diet lines for different ages and sizes.

What are the food ingredients of Nutro?

With being the 1st dog food company to manufacture natural diet choices Nutro is proud of its quality ingredients. Nutro always utilizes authentic protein as their 1st ingredient and is free of all the meat byproducts. They are also free of any preservatives and artificial flavors.

What range of formulas does Nutro offer? 

Nutro has nine puppy formulas over each food line. Five diet formulas are from the line of Wholesome essentials, 1 diet formula is from the Ultra line, and two diet formulas are from their Max line, along with that they also provide a grain-free choice as well. The line named Wholesome Essentials gives an array of flavor choices for both large and small breeds, giving the pups an option to their preferable taste.

How many canned food recipes does Nutro offer?

Nutro offers 19 recipes when it comes to canned food across their diet lines. Each of which is entirely grain-free. This range of canned diets in life phases provides different flavors and textures for the furry companions to pick out.

Diamond naturals

 Brand history

Starting more than fifty years ago, Diamond naturals has become one of the most renowned pet food brands .This company is proud to be a family-owned business with Midwestern values. Their promise to provide high quality and natural diet has won them the trust of dog owners worldwide and risen to success. However, the company also owns another pet food brand – Taste of the Wild, which is often pitted against Diamond naturals even though the same company owns them.


Despite being a superior brand, Diamond naturals have had four food recalls, none of which are recent.

Food ingredients

Targeting your dog’s health, the brand offers high-quality food ranging from real meat, fruits, veggies and other grain-free options. The brand, however, also uses meat meal in large quantities, which all dog owners do not prefer, but they claim it to contain 300% more protein than real beef.

Range of formulas

The brand proudly offers thirteen different dry diets and three canned diets.

What are the food ingredients of Diamond Naturals?

Diamond Naturals hopes to provide a tasty and holistic diet for canine friends. By providing ingredients from vegetables, fruits, real meat, and more, they focus on the core health of the dog. By providing sensitive grain-free and grain options to pick out from, each pet can have what they require from Diamond Naturals.

What range of Diamond Naturals is offered? 

Diamond Naturals provides one puppy diet for the large breed, one puppy diet for the small breed, and 1 diet formula that is appropriate for each life stage. Each of those diet formulas only has one flavor to pick out from. None of them are grain-free.

How many canned food recipes does Diamond Naturals offer? 

Diamond Naturals provides 3 different diets in canned packaging for the canine companions. They give flavors of lamb, beef, and chicken, along with catering to fully grown canines with those recipes.

Final thoughts, Nutro vs Diamond naturals?

The answer to “Nutro-vs-diamond-naturals food comparison and difference- which is better?” is Nutro because of its array of choices. However, both of them are respected diet brands in the industry of pet food. Both Diamond Naturals and Nutro take pride in their healthy and natural diets. Any keeper is going to be satisfied to serve their canines any of these!

While both are considered superior quality premium pet food brands, Nutro surely takes the cake this time. Aiming to provide healthy and holistic diet lines, the quality they use is exemplary and is considered a perfect fit for dogs of all sizes and ages.

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