Portuguese Water Dog Vs Goldendoodle Comparison And Difference? Are you looking for the ideal dog? It might not be easy to choose your best friend from the available breeds, but if you want active and smart dogs, the Portuguese Water dog or the Goldendoodle are excellent choices. Both have traits that many dog owners value, like being energetic, wise, affectionate, and alert.

With naturally curly or wavy coats and features that aren’t simply for show, they are undeniably attractive as well. These two breeds’ looks and temperaments are similar, but the remainder of their traits are different. Let’s compare each dog in detail in this post to understand its characteristics better.

Portuguese Water Dog 

The Portuguese Water Dog is a sporting dog developed in the Algarve area of Portugal. The dog has always loved being near the ocean and has been around fishing boats all his life. He is said to have Poodle genetics and is descended from dogs that Portuguese fishermen have long used. The Portie, also known as the Cao de Agua, which translates to “Dog of the Water,” almost vanished.

Early in the 20th century, its population declined, but Vasco Bensuade salvaged the species by establishing a breed club and creating a breed standard.

Golden Doodle

The Goldendoodle, sometimes referred to as the Golden Poo, is a popular dog breed created in the USA in the 1990s when the Golden Labrador and the Poodle were crossed. None of the main kennel associations recognize him as a standardized breed. The stunning puppy was created in 1969 by Monica Dickens. When everyone saw the miniature golden ball of pure joy, they all naturally desired one, which caused the dog’s popularity to grow.

The initial intent of the cross-breeding was to create guide dogs that would be comfortable with allergy sufferers. Although not all Goldendoodles nowadays are hypoallergenic, their popularity is also attributed to their minimal shedding coat.

Intelligence & Trainability Level Of Portuguese Water Dog Vs Goldendoodle

The Portie dogs are indeed very bright in a pragmatic way, yet learning new skills from them is neither difficult nor simple. First, owing to their loving nature, Porties are motivated to please their owners. However, owners of such a dog should be aware that this dog is not a huge lover of monotonous training sessions.

The Goldendoodle, like any dog, is simple to teach while he’s a puppy. However, it is generally agreed that this dog may learn new skills easily regardless of age because of his degree of intellect and desire to satisfy his master. Given that he is a cross between two breeds that are quite simple to teach, this is already predicted.


A well-trained and socialized Portuguese Water Dog displays its intelligence in various ways. This dog is smart, so he won’t be too much work to teach. They are very mellow canines. The Portie is a lovable breed of dog because he is outgoing, friendly, and gets along well with everyone in his human family.

A Goldendoodle will greet with boundless enthusiasm and love whomever they meet. For these and many more reasons, he is a common home pet in America.

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