While the St. Bernard Dog is a Swiss breed, the Kangal Dog is from Turkey. Kangal Dogs may live five years less than St. Bernards. St. Bernard and Kangal Dog both have litters that are almost identical in size. Maintaining a St. Bernard is a full-time job. Kangal Dog, on the other hand, demands some upkeep. So lets do a Saint Bernard vs Kangal Dog fight Comparison- Who will win?

Interesting facts about Saint Bernard

Alpine Cattle Dogs or Alpine Mountain Dogs were the original names for the St Bernard breed. For centuries, they have been used for farm work and mountaineering in France and Switzerland’s alpine regions. They’re from the Swiss-French borderlands. Thus they speak the language. As guard dogs, watchdogs, and draught dogs, they also served as herding dogs and hunting dogs.

Wish to know in a Saint Bernard vs Kangal Dog fight Comparison- Who will win? Well, then the reader can utilize the details given below to compare the maintenance requirements, personality, size, and temperament of both of these dog breeds. Along with everything else between a Kangal dog and a Saint Bernard. 

What will be the height and weight of St Bernard dog?

Height : Male: 30-32 inches (77-86 cm), Female: 28-30 inches (72-77 cm)

Weight : Male: 110-145 pounds (50-66 kg), Female: 90-120 pounds (41-54 kg)

What would be the average lifespan of Saint Bernard dog?

8 – 10 Years

How many pups will Saint Bernard dog reproduce?

4 – 12

What is the Country of origin of Saint Bernard dog?


What is the appearance of Saint Bernard dog?

Depending on the length of the coat (short or long), it might be smooth or rough. Their eyes are brown, with a hint of blue on occasion. They feature square heads and muzzles, as well as tight-fitting lids.

Smooth and rough coats and short and long coats are the two varieties of coats. In contrast to the short, smooth coat that is tough, flat, and near to the body, the long, rough coat is thick, wavy, and heavy in the areas around the legs, neck, and ruff.

What Are The Grooming Requirements Of A Saint Bernard?

A Saint Bernard needs to be combed about 3 times every 7 days to eliminate the chance of its fur coat being unruly and messy. Long-haired Saint Bernards with longer hair must be combed with one pin brush to eliminate excess hair. Yet Saint Bernards with short hair can be combed with one rubber or glove brush should be brushed with a pin brush.

What Kind Of Personality Does A Saint Bernard Have?

True to their legacy as a hospice breed of dog, Saint Bernards are welcoming and friendly. They possess one benevolent and a steady temperament. On top of that, they are careful and kind to kids. They prefer attention yet Saint Bernards are not as needful of it as some other dog breeds.

How To Train A Saint Bernard? 

A Saint Bernard is quick and smart when it comes to learning. This breed usually required only 20 minutes of training in a day to learn some basic tricks along with having one swift realization of 1 or 2 syllable training words. Because of the huge size, the primary aspect is to train a Saint Bernard early. Particularly when the dog is going to be spending a ton of time inside the house.

Interesting facts about Kangal Dog

.The Kangal Shepherd Dog is from the Sivas area of Turkey and is sometimes referred to as a sheepdog.

The Kangal Dog is Turkey’s National Dog and a separate breed. In 1965, they were the first working dogs to debut in the United Kingdom.

What will be the height and weight of Kangal Dog?

Height Male : 65 – 80 cm (25 – 32 inches)

Female :65 – 80 cm (25 – 32 inches)

Weight :40 – 77 kg

What is the average lifespan of Kangal Dog?

12-15 yrs.

What will be the litter size of Kangal Dog?

6 – 14

Which country does Kangal Dog belong to?


What will be the appearance of Kangal Dog?

He has a dense double coat of hair with a pale brown tone and a solid double coat of hair. The coat is short and thick in appearance. Because of his strength, the Kangal Dog’s long tail is held over his back while he is attentive; otherwise, he holds it down with a small curl when not alert.

What Are The Grooming Requirements Of A Kangal Dog?

As their fur coats are quite dense and relatively short, keeping the Kangal properly groomed is reasonably simple. The dog experts are going to recommend that the owner maintain the pet with one easy brush every week. This dog sheds all year long and sheds heavily during autumn and spring. Then the keeper may require to increase their combing every other day.

What Kind Of Personality Does A Kangal Dog Have?

One well-adjusted Kangal Dog is one even-tempered and calm dog. Its job as one guardian needs to be tricky to irritate and gentle. This is the reason why this breath is generally good with other animals and kids. But it should always be realized that a Kangal was never created for molly-coddling. So the keepers should not make that blunder of being too clement with such a powerful and huge dog breed that possesses a solid independent streak.

How To Train A Kangal Dog? 

The vast majority of the domestic Kangal puppies are simple to train at home compared to other dog breeds. All the keeper requires is one set routine, along with a little bit of guidance, and some savvy crate-trainer. Then Kangal puppies seem to teach themselves.

Saint Bernard vs Kangal fight comparison- who will win ?

In addition to his stunning appearance, the Kangal is also vigilant, smart, territorial, and confident while being peaceful at the same time. These dogs have an instinctual fear of unusual canines, and they are also reticent among strangers. Yet, they are affectionate, devoted, and protective when it comes to their human family members.

St. Bernards are built proportionately and robustly, having been bred with mastiffs and huge mountain dogs. They are powerful, durable, and well-muscled animals.

The dog experts do not have a precise answer in a Saint Bernard vs Kangal Dog fight Comparison- Who will win? As these dog breeds have an instinctual concern for unusual animals and they are also reserved among strangers. Yet, these pups are protective, devoted, and loving, when it comes to their keeper and their family members.

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We think St. Bernard will win in the fight. I hope you like reading on Saint Bernard vs Kangal Dog fight Comparison- Who will win.

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