West Highland Terrier vs Scottish Terrier fight comparison- who will win? Both of these breeds are Scottish and small. On top of that, they are both from the family of terriers. So what does that mean? They are feisty, fun, and have oodles of character! Yet is one of these dog breeds more entertaining than the other? Or one of them can make a more advanced watchdog?

Scotties and Westies can be traced back to a single little earth dog ancestor. The only thing they have in common is their size. Generally speaking, they’re the same height. Even though the Westie is often an inch or two taller, the Scottie is typically a few pounds heavier. Let’s look at a detailed comparison of both of them. 

Before inviting any of these dog breeds as pets into a house, it is indispensable to realize each aspect the keeper can learn about these breeds. While these two pups can share one similar look, they have some differences in their personality that can make one of them a more suitable fit for their lifestyle than the other one. So let’s do a West Highland Terrier vs Scottish Terrier.

What are Interesting facts about West Highland Terrier?

The West Highland White Terrier’s past is shrouded in mystery, which is unusual for a purebred dog. The Malcolm clan of Scotland documented the breeding of white terriers. This is why they are sometimes referred to as Poltalloch Terriers. The first Westies appeared at Scottish dog exhibitions in the late 19th century.

What Does A West Highland Terrier Look Like? 

Commonly, a West Highland Terrier has a pair of almond-shaped, deep-set, and bright eyes rich in hue. Their ears are erect and pointed. Members of their dog breed usually weigh between 15 pounds and 21 pounds or 6.8 kgs and 9.1 kgs, and their average height is between 10 inches to 11 inches or 25 cm or 28 cm at their withers.

What is the Height and weight of West Highland Terrier?

The “Westie” is one of the short-legged terriers, running 10 or 11 inches height and 14 to 20 pounds in weight. They are stocky tiny dogs yet surprisingly swift and nimble.

How long does West Highland Terrier live?

Dogs of this breed may live between 12 and 16 years, based on a variety of variables such as birth abnormalities and food.

What are the West Highland Terrier Energy levels?

A daily walk or play session with your Westie is still necessary, even if he doesn’t need as much as other breeds. Inside the home, his energy level is usually modest, although this varies from dog to dog.

What Kind Of Temperament Does A West Highland Terrier Have?

A West Highland Terrier is one intelligent, fun-loving, confident, and bold dog breed that can detect happiness in the most ordinary pleasures of their life. Such as a squeaky toy, a good belly rub, and treats. Their love for life and happy disposition make them a favorite of many people despite their mischievousness. They do not lack self-esteem, yet they are not very overbearing in confidence that their self-assurance turns into one negative trait.

Does A West Highland Terrier Shed?

A healthy West Highland who lives for 12 years to 16 years sheds slit to no fur. They are one hardy dog breed with some ailments. However, some of them are prone to dermatological issues and the risk of deafness. So a keeper must schedule a health checkup every six months at their vet to make sure that their West Highland Terrier is happy and healthy throughout its life. 

Interesting facts about Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier, which is related to the West Highland White Terrier, was bred to hunt mice, foxes, and badgers in the rough Scottish environment. Scotch Terrier is the name given to this dog since it is believed to be the first of the Scottish Terrier breed. And he was the ancestor of all little Scottish dirt dogs. As a result, he’s the more experienced of the two canines in question.

What Does A Scottish Terrier Look Like?

A Scottish terrier is about 10 inches in height and weighs about 18 pounds to 23 pounds or 8 kgs to 10 kgs. They have one distinctive beard that highlights their muzzle, their lengthy eyebrows, and one wiry outer fur coat that brushes the floor like one long skirt when it’s not trimmed.

They are smaller, heavier-built and a lot more compact than other dogs. In addition to his larger cranium, he has a more angular beard, which helps to emphasise this. A more curious look, with a little more serious disposition, is commonly observed. Compared to Westies, his ears are smaller and pierced. The form of his tail is reminiscent of a Westie’s.

What is the Height and weight of Scottish Terrier?

Height at withers for both sexes should be around 25 cm (9.8 in) and the length of back from withers to tail should be approximately 28 cm. (STCA Breed Standard) (11 in). The ideal weight for a well-balanced Scottie dog is between 8.5 and 10 kg (19 and 22 lb) for a male and between 8 and 9.5 kg (19 and 22 lb) for a female (18 to 21 lb).

How long does a Scottish Terrier live?

Scotty Cramp and patellar luxation are common ailments in the Scottish Terrier, which has an average lifetime of 11 to 13 years.

What are Scottish Terrier Energy levels?

Scotties are not sluggish, diminutive breeds. This breed’s energy and intellect need to be directed, since they were designed for working purposes. Moderate activity and stimulation are essential for their well-being.

What Kind Of Temperament Does A Scottish Terrier Have?

The temperament and personality of a Scottish Terrier are a little like one lonely moor of their homeland. This dog is one serious guy, not specifically jolly, cause they approve of reserve or dignity. They are independent as well as intelligent and opinionated as one whip. They tend to be formal but not toward their family.

Does A Scottish Terrier Shed?

A Scottish Terrier has one short medium fur coat with minimum shedding. But their fur coat means one moderate amount of care, such as trimming and brushing. A Scottish Terrier is hypoallergenic.

West Highland Terrier vs Scottish Terrier fight comparison- who will win?

None of the dog experts can offer the interested individuals a precise answer to the West Highland Terrier vs Scottish Terrier fight comparison- who will win?

A Scottish terrier and a West Highland Terrier are both breeds of the Scottish earth. They are associated with one another, which indicates that they share a couple of similarities. Both of them have a high drive for prey, a lot of love for their keepers, and fun. But, they are more contrasting than similar.

The West Highland Terrier was bred with the intention of serving as a vigilance canine. They maintain a watchful eye on the family, both human and dog, and guard them against harm if necessary. As a hunter dog, Scottish Terriers have been around for a long time. Despite this, their gentle and sociable demeanor make them a great match for both people and other animals.

Both dogs have quite different training requirements. When a tasty food, praise, or a ball is on the line, a Westie will go beyond his way to get them. Training him is easy because of this, which makes him an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. Begin teaching your dog as a puppy and expect to have an obedient companion.

It is difficult to predict who would win in a fight between them, but our bets are on Scottish Terrier.

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