Wondering about adopting a Boerboel or a Rottweiler, but you’re unsure which one is the best for your family? We’ve got you covered! We have faced-off these two tough dog breeds in a comparison to find that out and straight up I can tell you both are amazing. Who wins in a Boerboel vs Rottweiler contest? Keep on reading and find that out.

Boerboel vs Rottweiler – Which is the best for families?

Let’s go straight to the point here: The best for families is the Boerboel. Both breeds are lovely with their adopting families, despite their strong an bold looks. However, the Rottweiler’s health tends to be a bit poorer, and so is their lifespan, which means your family will need to part with their beloved friend sooner, while the Boerboel will be among you for longer and in much higher spirits.

In any case, please take into account both the Boerboel and Rottweiler are giant dog breeds that require a ton of space, so don’t shove them into a small apartment or house. A happy big dog is the most loyal, loving friend you’ll ever have.

Boerboel vs Rottweiler – Which is the best guard dog?

In terms of which is the best guard dog, both the Boerboel and Rottweiler are excellent choices and I can’t really decide if any of them is the best. Simply put, they are protecting by nature, for they love their family so much, so they will keep any intruder away without doing much more than being there in all their glory.

Keep in mind the Rottweiler and the Boerboel must engage in daily 60 minutes of physical activity to maintain their hearts flowing blood throughout their huge bodies. The Boerboel requires more vigorous activity, despite the fact that they both require the same amount of exercise. This means either jogging instead of strolling or playing ten-minute games of fetch in the park.

What Are The Interesting Facts About Rottweilers?

The Rottweiler was created by the Romans by employing mastiff-type dogs. To protect the army’s herds from predators and other dangers, they required a powerful dog. The Rottweil traveling butchers in Germany were so pleased by their vigilance that they accepted them as their own after hundreds of years.

rottweiler vs boerboel

How Does A Rottweiler Look? 

A Rottweiler is a blocky dog breed with giant heads. Their ears lie pretty tight to their head and hang down somewhat. Their muzzles are solid and square, yet a rottweiler can be a little drooly as their loose lips and jaws. A Rottweiler must always be pitch black and have tan spots, and their ideal fur coat is pretty dense, short, and a little harsh.

What is the Height and weight of a Rottweiler ?

Rottweilers are somewhat longer than tall, huge dogs, ranging in height from 22 inches for a little female to 27 inches for a large male. Weights ranging from 80 to 120+ pounds (36 to 54+ kg). Rottweilers are blocky canines with enormous heads.

How long does the Rottweiler Terrier live?

Rottweilers live about almost 12 years.

What are the Rottweiler Energy levels?

There is a wide spectrum of intensity in the Rottweiler’s energy. For the greatest puppy for your lifestyle, inform the breeder what sort of energy level works best for you. Rottweilers that are just moderately active can benefit from daily walks lasting 10 to 20 minutes.

What Kind Of Temperament Does A Rottweiler Have?

An ideal Rottweiler will be courageous, confident and calm, and never shy. They have a self-assured indifference and do not make friends with strangers indiscriminately or immediately. Instead, they take the wait-and-see approach with new situations and people. With their family, they are affectionate, often following their family members around the entire house.

It is not one highly excitable breed of dog. They have one inherent desire to safeguard their property and family members but must never be threatening toward individuals without any cause. A Rottweiler is adaptable and intelligent with a solid work ethic.

Does A Rottweiler Sheds?

A Rottweiler is considered a moderate shedder when one compares them to other dog breeds. They will not shed as heavily as one Golden Retriever, but their keeper must still anticipate at least a slight bit of fur shedding all year long from their Rottie.

What Are The Interesting Facts about Boerboel?

The Boerboel is descended from mastiff-type dogs in the same way. He was also raised to serve as a watchdog over his owner’s estate. Lions and other monstrous predators in South Africa were the targets this time. As well as protecting the household from invaders, Boerboels proved to be rather adaptable.

rottweiler vs boerboel

How Does A Boerboel Look? 

A Boerboel has straight and short overcoats that are shiny and smooth and cover their dense and soft undercoats. They can be accessible in black, red, brindle, fawn, and brown shades.

What is the Height and weight of a Boerboel?

It’s common for male Boerboels to be 24 to 28 inches tall, while females are typically 22 to 25 inches tall. It is common for boerboels to weigh between 110 and 200 pounds.

How long does the Boerboel live?

It is estimated that the typical life expectancy of a Boerboel dog is between 10 and 12 years.

What are the Boerboel Energy levels?

Boerboels are known for their self-assured demeanor, but they also have a soft spot for their family members. It’s a nice dog for youngsters, but it’s apprehensive of strangers and other dogs.

What Kind Of Temperament Does A Boerboel Have?

The same ability that makes a Rottweiler a good protector and watchdog can also make it aggressive and fiercely territorial if it is not socialized or trained correctly. If the keeper is having people over, this is essential for the family members to introduce the guest to their domestic Boerboel. So their dog does not feel threatened. A Boerboel is warm towards guests that it has met and trusts, though it can still be on its guard.

Does A Rottweiler Sheds?

The vast majority of the Boerboels have dark spots around their noses, eyes, and mouths, and some Rottweilers have dark spots around their paws. The fur coat sheds the average amount and does not need much care. A bath once every 30 days, along with brushing every week, is going to assist in catching their shedding hair and keeping their coat healthy.

Rottweiler vs Boerboel Contest – Who wins?

The truth is, the answer to which is the best between the Rottweiler and Boerboel depends on your requirements and expectations. They are, on balance, extraordinarily different and similar. Both of these dog breeds are giants who require firm but fair keepers and are protective. The Rottweiler is the more delicate of the 2, and a Boerboel is more independent. These dog breeds have identical energy requirements, yet the Boerboels are the more intense ones.

The Rottie needs your help more than the Boerboel. The Rottie will sometimes refuse to go for a walk and insist on taking asleep on the couch instead. In addition, they both require constant stimulation.



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