Are you wondering what are the differences between Bernese Mountain Dog vs Newfoundland breeds? Who wins the contest? Continue reading and find out who’s the most adorable!

Bernese Mountain Dog vs Newfoundland Breeds

Both dog breeds are extremely cuddly and friendly and hold each of the characteristics one could wish in one large dog for their family. Even though they are quite similar in terms of size, that is about where their similarities stop.

Both dog breeds are pretty different, and it is essential to realize why before getting either dog breed inside the house. Unless you have a ton of expertise in these dog breeds, you don’t know much about the specific contrast in temperament, health risks, and diet. That’s why we put this guide together

How Does Newfoundland Look?

Newfoundland hues are black, white with black, and also brown with splashes of white on their tail tip and chest. A Newfoundland has one massive and broad head with a smaller pair of ears that lie close to its head. Its feet are also broad with the presence of webbing between its toes for swimming.

newfoundland vs bernese mountain dog

What Are The Health Risks Of A Newfoundland? 

A Newfoundland, who has an average life expectancy of 7 to 10 years, is vulnerable to serious health circumstances such as SAS or Sub-Aortic Stenosis, gastric torsion, CHD or canine hip dysplasia, cystinuria, epilepsy, elbow dysplasia, along with minor issues such as vWD or von Willebrand’s Disease, cataract, OCD or Osteochondrosis Dissecans, entropion, cruciate ligament rupture, and ectropion.

To recognize some of those issues, the vet may recommend elbow, hip, cardiac, and eye examinations for this dog breed. On top of that, some Newfoundlands are hypersensitive to anesthesia, along with the vast majority of them do not handle heat well.

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Does A Newfoundland Shed?

A Newfoundland is a friendly dog breed that likes to keep its owner company. However, it does shed and is prone to salivate on occasion. The Grooming part is essential for this dog breed, both for its health and comfort.

What Is The Diet Of A Newfoundland? 

Dehydrated dog foods must for Newfoundland have required elements such as antioxidants, vitamins, animal protein, minerals, grains, and cereals. The raw diet typically consists of dog-friendly vegetables, organ meat, raw eggs, muscle meat, and ground or whole bone.

How Does A Bernese Mountain Dog Look?

Any Bernese mountain dog is one huge dog with one beautiful tri-colored fur coat. The background hue is black, and its markings are rust or red and white. Their fur coat is fairly thick and long. It requires frequent combing to keep it free from matting and healthy. This dog breed is muscular and strong as it was created for work.

What Are The Health Risks Of A Bernese Mountain Dog? 

A Bernese Mountain Dog has one average life expectancy of 7 to 9 years and it is known to go through some common issues such as elbow or hip dysplasia, cancer, and bloat.

Does A Bernese Mountain Dog  Shed?

The keeper is going to require to brush or comb their pet daily during the heavy shedding periods. A Bernese mountain dog is one average shedder although it sheds quite heavily during fall and spring.

What Is The Diet Of A Bernese Mountain Dog? 

The vast majority of the Bernese mountain dogs love consuming a variety of fresh foods. Smaller additions of lean or cooked raw meat, yogurt, eggs, and fish, along with fresh fruits, such as pear, apple, or banana, and vegetables, such as yams or cooked pumpkin, squash, carrots, and broccoli, can be given as a method of providing enzymes to their diet.

Newfoundland Vs Bernese Mountain Dog Breed Comparison – Who wins?

I get why the fans of each breed would want to know who wins in a breed competition. We’ve outlined the differences and similarities and truth is, the comparison between the Bernese Mountain Dog vs Newfoundland breeds made me understand they both are quite similar in numerous ways. Both of them are vigorous, diligent, huge, energetic, and loyal. They can be more than the keeper has bargained for, yet they are going to also become one obedient and joyful member of the family.

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