First things first: Dogs are fantastic no matter their age. The most rambunctious puppy and the most chill, graying senior have plenty to offer, as do all the furry friends in between. Of course, not every dog is the right fit for you or your family. There are situations where a puppy could be just perfect, so let’s look at the advantages of getting a puppy vs adult dog the next time you adopt.

What are the Advantages of Adopting a Puppy vs Adult Dog?

Cuteness Factor

The cuteness factor is real. For example, take a look at Cavapoo puppies for sale. Don’t let the cuteness factor make you feel superficial or like you care about nothing but looks. There is science behind it.

Babies of various species are extraordinarily cute as a survival mechanism. There’s everything to love about puppies’ big eyes, heads, tiny bodies, cuddliness, and clumsiness. Puppies and other babies are relatively helpless compared with their adult counterparts, so cuteness revs up adults’ instincts to nurture and protect them.

Take for example, how cute newborn rottweilers are, is there any reason not to like them? It’s fine to get a puppy if you fall in love at first sight. Lean into that instinct to love and protect.

Blank Slate to a Certain Extent

Adult dogs have established personalities. You generally know what you are getting into when you adopt an adult. Puppies, however, are sort of blank slates. This is a pro to some people and a con to others. You will shape much of your puppy’s adult life even with the dog’s genetics and inherent personality characteristics. If you have the temperament and time (and/or money) to raise a puppy well, go for it.

That said, you are likely not getting a puppy right from birth. The puppy would have spent, say, seven to 16 weeks of its life elsewhere being socialized (or not). You can already have a decent idea of the dog’s personality when you get it. It might even have been potty trained.

Ideally, the puppy would have been socialized well. Some breeders keep puppies isolated, and that can cause behavioral problems. If you are getting a puppy from a breeder, ask about the dog’s lineage and the temperaments of its parents and any siblings from other litters.

Easier for Some Adult Dogs and Cats to Accept

Some adult dogs and cats can be picky about new furry members of the household. They tend to have a harder time with adult dogs, while puppies may win them over more effectively.

Energy and Entertainment

puppy vs. adult dog

Before adopting a dog, ask yourself what your hopes are for the pet. A puppy might not be the best idea if you are looking for a companion to mostly chill with on the couch and take out on the occasional walk.

On the other hand, a puppy could be right up your alley if you seek hours of entertainment and have lots of energy to give. Puppies experience the world anew every day, and it can be a blessing to see life through their eyes (occasionally an exhausting blessing!).

If you have a highly energetic child who always seems to be bouncing, a puppy could be perfect. Of course, follow proper precautions for introducing and supervising your children and the puppy. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

More Ability to Choose Breed

If you love a certain breed (or breeds) of dog, a puppy represents your best chance of getting it. Of course, you are not out of luck with adults, as rescue organizations can be breed-specific. This could be the way to go especially if you are budget conscious.

That said, you can be more choosy with puppies. Do strive to work with reputable breeders and research breed-specific characteristics to ensure you know what’s what. Cavapoos, for example, are crosses between cavalier King Charles spaniels and poodles. Cavapoos are cheerful, intelligent, and active. They vary quite a bit as to size and disposition. They can be small- or medium-sized depending on their parents, and breeders can tell you more about certain Cavapoos’ personalities.

Less Chaos and Mess With a Grownup at Home Much of the Time

A puppy could be perfect if you or another grownup is at home much of the time to care for it. That person should do so willingly and happily, of course. Don’t coerce or guilt-trip anyone into caring for a puppy they would rather not. 

Fortunately, work-from-home options and flexible schedules are expanding. More households fit the description of someone at home most of the time. An adult at home means more attention, exercise, and socialization for the puppy. The dog is also less likely to wreck the house.

You are not out of luck if no one is home, though. If you have the money, then dog walkers, dog sitters, and doggy daycare can do wonders.

Puppies are adorable and cuddly as heck. They are little balls of energy and entertainment. While they are not right for every situation, they are perfect in many circumstances.


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