Are you and your pup ready to hit the road? If so, congrats-you’re off on a great adventure! But before you take off, it’s important that you know what to do (and not do) when traveling with your four-legged friend. 

Whether you’re planning a trip across the country or just down to the nearest park, read on for tips on ensuring your furry friend has as good a time abroad as they do at home!

What to do and what not to do when traveling with your dog

#1 DO make sure your dog is microchipped and wearing a collar with ID tags

While it may seem strange to talk about microchipping your pet, it can be a life-saving measure should the animal ever become lost. This form of identification records important details about your pet, such as its name, gender, and contact information. Furthermore, an ID tag on their collar contains the same information but is more accessible and requires no invasive procedure. Should they ever wander too far from home, having this identifying information could be instrumental in reuniting you with them much more quickly. 

Hence, adding an ID tag to your dog’s collar and registering its microchip are essentials for safety and peace of mind on the road!

#2 DO pack plenty of poop bags to clean up after your pet

When taking your dog on vacation, it’s important to remember that the little guy will need a place to “go,” – and you’ll need the right supplies to clean up afterward. That’s why DO pack plenty of poop bags when you travel with your canine companion! It’s not only respectful, but it prevents those undesirable messes – and penalties that may follow if you don’t do your part. 

Dog owners might not feel like scooping poop while they are away enjoying a much-needed break; luckily, you can get help from a dog poop scooping service. These services are easily available in many cities across the country to help make this task easier. So, do yourself a favor be prepared when bringing your pet along for your next getaway.

#3 DON’T leave your dog in the car unattended, even for a few minutes – it can be deadly

Traveling with your canine companion can be a lot of fun and an amazing bonding experience. However, it’s important to remember that dangers are associated with leaving your pet in a car while you run errands or go sightseeing. Even on a mild day, the temperature inside a vehicle can reach those considered unsafe for animals fairly quickly. 

Studies have found that temperatures inside cars can rise 20 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes, posing a significant risk to your pup’s health. Additionally, gases released from things like plastic components, paint coatings, and upholstery also become concentrated in the enclosed space of cars and can cause harm to animals left behind. 

To keep your faithful friend safe and healthy on road trips, always make sure never to leave them unattended in a car―it could be deadly!

#4 DO bring food, water, and bedding from home to make your pup feel comfortable

Traveling can be a stressful experience for your dog. Dogs are creatures of habit and familiarity, so bringing familiar items from home is important when going on journeys with your pup. Make sure to bring some food, water, and bedding that your dog uses to make the trip easier on them. It will keep them comfortable and help them transition into new environments faster. Additionally, having these items from home guarantees that everything will be okay even if things don’t go as expected. Your pet will feel calmer when there are reminders from home surrounding them; you must take the time to plan accordingly prior to beginning your journey with your dog.

#5 DON’T let your dog run off-leash in an unfamiliar area – they could get lost or injured

When traveling with your dog, it is important to ensure the pet stays safe. One way to ensure the safety of your canine companion is by avoiding letting them run off-leash in an unfamiliar area. This can be surprisingly risky – not only could they get lost and become disorientated, but they may also be susceptible to injury if they wander too far away from you due to crossing roads and encountering wildlife. Therefore, keeping them leashed up is an easy and simple way to ensure their safety when you are out and about!

#6 DO keep your dog on a leash when out in public

Walking with a four-legged friend can be a great way to explore a new destination, but unless specifically allowed, you should always keep your dog leashed in public areas. Dog leash laws vary from city to city, and each state has regulations. For safety reasons, you must follow the guidelines for whichever area you visit. 

Having secure control over your pet not only keeps them safe but also protects those around them, including other pets or wildlife that may be encountered on a walk. So if you’re planning to bring your pup along next time you travel, make sure their leash is packed and ready so that everyone can enjoy the journey!

#7 DON’T forget to bring your pet’s favorite toys and treats

As any pet owner knows, routine is important to animals, so when you’re hitting the open road with your furry companion, you can help smooth the transition into a new environment by bringing along their favorite toys and treats. A familiar smell as they pile into their travel bed or car seat can bring a sense of comfortable familiarity in a new place, while favorite treats around meal times can be a real pick-me-up for tired pups on long trips.

#8 DO make sure you have the contact info for local vets handy just in case of emergencies

When you’re heading out for a weekend getaway, the last thing you want to worry about is a vet visit – but having the contact info of local vets at the ready can make all the difference in an emergency. 

It’s always a good idea to be prepared with everything from phone numbers to store addresses: after all, if your pup needs help at an inconvenient hour, it’s better to have the info right away rather than take time searching up emergency services while on vacation. 

It’s comforting to know that local veterinary professionals are always just a phone call away if anything happens during your journey together.

#9 DON’T allow your dog to bark incessantly at other people or animals while on walks

Walking your dog is an important part of animal ownership, even if you’re on vacation with them. But if you let your pup bark relentlessly at other people and animals, it will cause major issues. Not only is it incredibly annoying for the people in a range of this excessive noise, but it can also lead to a stressful environment for both your pet and other animals on the street. 

Reinforcing polite behavior while walking your dog not only makes everyone else’s lives easier – from neighbors and passersby to other animals – but it can also help reduce stress for your pup. It takes practice and patience, but teaching your dog appropriate etiquette during walks is a key part of being a responsible dog owner.


Taking your four-legged friend on vacation can be a great way to experience something new together and create irreplaceable memories. But for everyone involved to have an enjoyable and safe time, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind. From packing the right supplies to reinforcing proper behavior while out and about, following these tips will ensure a fun-filled vacation for both you and your pup! 

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