Dogs from the last 20,000 years have accompanied humans. It is scientifically proven that the dogs, whether domestic and wild, share a common wolf ancestor. Dogs are the first tame animals. Today we have hundreds of different dogs’ breeds. People often get confused between the Xoloitzcuintli and Peruvian bread, as both of them usually look the same at first glance. OfCourse skin color can be different. Whereas on the other side the hairlessness makes both dogs alike.

Both breeds of dogs don’t like to be alone, so keep in mind that there is a need to spend a lot of time with them. These are considered to be excellent companions, odorless, and ideal for keeping at home. They both are not trusting with strangers and need proper training or socialization, which provides both the dog’s trust and confidence in the world. They can, without a doubt, will make your time most memorable and exciting.

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Is Xoloitzcuintli a hairless dog breed?

Xolo is one of the various breeds of hairless dogs.


What is the height and weight of a Xolo dog?

the Xolo weight can range about to 10-55lb (5-23 kg). This dog is basically from the tropical climate and can’t survive northern and colder temperatures if left outside. These dogs’ average height can be 9 to 26 inches in appearance;

How does a Xoloitzcuintli dog look like?

These are sleek bodies, long neck, almond-shaped eyes, and large ears. The most noticeable fact about these dogs is the hairlessness. The appearance of the Xolo can convey the impression of elegance, ability, and strength. The Xolo breed often splashed, marked, or spotted. The standard color shades are brown, black, and bronze.

The Xolo is excessively good while adapting to different environments and lifestyles. If we consider them a fighting dog, that is not a good idea as they are not used for combat dogs. Moreover, you can have this dog as domestic as these are child friendly.

Peruvian Inca orchid 

Like my name, Peruvian Inca orchid breed dogs are native to Peru and can be raised as a domestic dog. The dog is very protective of their family and is friendly and aloof with other dogs.

Peruvian Inca orchid
Peruvian Inca orchid

What is the weight of a Peruvian Inca orchid ?

The weight varies from 12-25 kgs. However, the appearance of these dogs is elegant and slim. They like to play more outdoors as compared to indoor games. Light, easy to train, and trustable. At the same time, these can sometimes be courageous.

The Peruvian has an excessively low chance of biting someday and has a higher average tendency to herd people, chew and nip. When coming to social needs, these dogs need a lot of social interaction.

Xoloitzcuintli vs. Peruvian Ina orchid, who will win the fight?

As both, the breeds are quite similar, and it is hard to tell who will win the battle. Still, various factors in which the Peruvian dogs are much preferable than Xolo are hunting, shedding level, intelligent rank, trainability, temperament, and social needs. These are some of the facts why the Peruvian Ina orchid is better than the Xoloitzcuintli and can even win the fight.

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