Bernedoodles, also referred to as the Bernese Mountain Poodle, aren’t developed to win animal competitions, but rather to be the ideal, affectionate partners for active parents and families with young children.

The Bernedoodle is first and foremost a companionship dog. The breed inherited the intellect of its Poodle parentage as well as the Bernese Mountain Dog’s charming, goofy, happy-go-lucky demeanor. Bernedoodles are genuinely happy when they’re with their people, including their offspring, and are eager contributors in both playfulness and snuggle sessions.

Bernedoodles are versatile and willing to go with the tide. Bernedoodles of smaller sizes are better house pets as compared to the standard Bernedoodles, who need a backyard to burn off their enthusiasm. This type of dog has considerable exercise requirements, which are typically met by at least one daily nice stroll.

You can’t do a much better alternative than the Bernedoodle if you want a dog for the complete household or if you’re a sole proprietor seeking an affectionate, competent mixed-breed of an excellent condition who will bring happiness to people with their activities.

Are Bernedoodles Expensive?

Bernedoodles, although being a mixed breed of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, are amongst the most expensive doodle dogs due to multi-colored hair. Based on whether you adopt or buy a Bernedoodle, the cost will most probably vary from $500 through $5000.

A Bernedoodle pup can cost anywhere from $2,000 up to $5,000+ if purchased from a reliable dog breeder. You’ll have to pay a great deal of money (at least $4,000+) if you would like a more distinctive hued Bernedoodle, such as a Merle or a tiny mini Bernedoodle. Since smaller Bernedoodles, like the mini, are rarer in the wild, they are considerably more expensive.

What Factors Go Into Determining the Cost of a Bernedoodle?

Color of Bernedoodle Coating

There are many different color combinations for Bernedoodle coats, and the price will vary depending on how many different colors you desire. Merle Bernedoodle, for instance, will be significantly more expensive than a solitary or two-colored Bernedoodle. Based on the colors you desire in a Bernedoodle, expect to spend an extra $1,000+.

Breeder Reliability and Quality

The cost of Bernedoodle dogs rises in proportion to the breeder’s past history. If you buy a Bernedoodle from a reputable breeder, they will have gone through a series of medical examinations to ensure the integrity of their Bernedoodle puppies. Every reputable dog breeder will conduct health checks on their older dogs to ensure that they have sound hips, ligaments, hearts, patellae, and eyes.

If you wish to acquire a Bernedoodle puppy, keep in mind that it is indeed a 10- to 15-year commitment, so make sure you get one from a reputable dog breeder.

Breeder’s Area of Working

A Bernedoodle’s pricing is influenced by his or her location by $300 or more. When contrasted with a breeder in the Midwest, Bernedoodles in Florida or NYC will normally cost you more dollars. This effectively compensates for the land-based expenditure of living modification. Furthermore, seeing their surroundings, inspecting the parental Bernedoodles, and seeing the puppies while choosing a Bernedoodle on puppy choose out day may be difficult.

Bernedoodle Dimensions

The little Bernedoodle, moderate Bernedoodle, as well as standard Bernedoodle, are the three sizes of Bernedoodles. Teacup but also micro mini Bernedoodles are included in the mini Bernedoodle size class. These shorter Bernedoodle measurements will set you back $1,000+ more than that for a Bernedoodle’s standard price. A tri-colored, teeny little Bernedoodle costs more than $5,000, which isn’t surprising.

Type of Bernedoodle Coat

Smooth, flowing, or curled coats are available in Bernedoodles. Bernedoodle coat type is greatly influenced by the breed’s lineage. Bernedoodles with wavy or curly hair (i.e. F1B) are typically more expensive than Bernedoodles having straighter coats (i.e. F1).

Other Costs of Bernedoodles

The initial cost of an acquired Bernedoodle or Bernedoodle puppy is modest in comparison which incur over the course of your pet’s life. You will be responsible for paying for medical examinations, food, and toys, among other things. Every year, you should budget at least $1,000 for your Bernedoodle.

The expenditure on feeding will undoubtedly vary depending on the weight of your Bernedoodle. Consider spending at least $500 on dog food exclusively if you’re providing your dog with high-quality chow. You can spend roughly $300 if you feed your dog cheaper products with more fillers.

Bernedoodles don’t shed hair, so you’ll have to groom them on a routine basis. The expense of grooming your Bernedoodle is roughly $100 per appointment. You’ll have to do this at least three to four times a year. A bath with shampooing, trimming, nail clipping, and ear care are all part of grooming a Bernedoodle.


Over the course of your dog’s lifetime, the total cost of a Bernedoodle is substantial. You will have spent at least $20,000, You’ll have to schedule and take such expenditures straight into mind to evaluate whether or not such a dog is economical for you.

You also can get a Bernedoodle at a massively diminished rate if you foster or rescue it. However, most Bernedoodle owners will not put their dogs up for adoption, making this extremely difficult.

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