Keeping pets is gaining momentum globally, and a sudden increase in people having animals at home is visible. People keep pets for several reasons; while some have them because they love animals, others bring an animal home as they want someone’s presence at their abodes.

Moreover, experts comment that owning a pet has numerous health benefits, reducing anxiety and stress significantly. People who enjoy the company of their animals at home tend to live a longer and healthier life.

Keeping a pet is beneficial in many ways, but it certainly has its challenges. It requires a time commitment, and it is a full-time responsibility. An animal cannot take care of its needs, and as an owner, you have to ensure that you look after its health and food, and if it gets sick, it is your responsibility to consult a veterinarian.

Cats are one of the commonly kept pets, and many people enjoy their company as they are easy to train and are not expensive to maintain. Studies have shown that cat owners generally have fewer heart problems.

They are more intelligent besides having a cat help inculcate a sense of discipline and responsibility in children. Cats serve as a good companion, and cat owners love the feeling when their animals welcome them when they return home after spending a chaotic day outdoors.

Their beloved cat lifts their spirits, renews their energy, and helps them in having a sound sleep. Cat owners generally keep more than one cat as they feel, more the merrier.

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Cats can be a good companion, but keeping a pet cat has its own set of challenges. Clearing litter now and then, entertaining them, and taking care of their health requires your time, money, and attention. The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed our lives drastically, as many new things have become the norm and essential now. Getting rid of cat waste while staying indoors has been a great challenge.

Some tips for getting rid of cat litter during COVID-19 are as follows:


We live in a technology-driven world, as our daily practices rely on mechanical tools and machines significantly. Online shopping is the new normal, and a vast majority prefer buying things from the comfort of their home. An easy solution is to choose a cat litter delivery service by searching online.

Many delivery services have an online payment option, and you do not have to step out of your home at all. Moreover, most service providers follow standard operating procedures issued by the government; thus, using their services is entirely safe.


While staying home-bound, you can easily use your spare time and make a litter box for your beloved cat at home. If you arrange wood shavings at home, then you can use them in a wooden crate for your cat. People usually do not have wood shavings at home as most consider it useless and throw it away.

You can buy the right part as it is not very expensive and you can use a wooden crate and insert sawdust, which is more economical than wood shavings. You can paint and draw different pictures on the trunk to attract your cat, or you can search the Internet to try different ways to entice your cat.


The use of litter boxes are convenient, but you need to empty them regularly to get rid of cat litter odor. And if you show negligence to it, your cat gives you a hard time. Another idea is to train your cat to use the toilet seat and save you from the trouble of regularly disposing of its litter. Although it takes longer and requires determination from your end, the result makes all the hard work worth it.


Most people do not like to throw away wooden boxes and are in the habit of hoarding things. Many keep them in a storage space to use it later and often forget about them. Your precious cat would love it if you can use any leftover wooden box to have a makeshift litter box for it. You can put chicken feed, saw, newspapers in it and train your cat to use it.


If you have children and a cat both at home, you might have noticed that your cat is attracted to your children’s sandboxes. Cats have a fascination with sand, and they can play in it for hours. You can have a small open area designated for sand, and you will not have to train your cat as they naturally use sand to cover their dirt up. Besides, when sand is wet, it clumps very well and does not preserve cat urine odors. You can add one cup of baking soda for better results, and it will not have any smell.


Hygiene is of utmost importance, and doctors suggest keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean can save us from contracting COVID-19. When you have a pet animal at home, disposing of its litter becomes your responsibility, and you must do it regularly to have a clean and germ-free environment.

Hey there! I'm Ximena and I absolutely love pets. Besides writing on this blog, I usually rescue orphan dogs and find them a new home