Bernedoodle Puppies are ruling the world today- California, in specific, and you’re just a part of it. However, that doesn’t mean your furry friend gets a pass on being prim as well as proper.

Every dog owner wants their furry friend to be an upstanding canine citizen. And, it all begins with teaching some skills so that they’re well behaved and friendly amidst other wagging tails and humans, of course.

Can’t wait to know what these are? Well, let’s get going with discovering what these are:

Daily Walks:

Taking your dog to a public place and letting them walk around helps them grow in a more habitable world- both for him and the people around them.

For instance, when you see a well-behaved mixed breed, you might want to rush to a store immediately that displays- Bernedoodle Puppies for sale in California and bring home a wagging tail that your kids will love. And, why not? Bernedoodle Puppies are furry, lovable, and gentle canines that make one of the most excellent companions for people of all ages.

It is because their owner might indulge in frequent walks. And, that’s the reason it’s less scary for their dogs because they’ve been around for a block of time.

The best thing you want for a safe dog is to keep him on a short leash. You can also get your exercise on- as there’s a lot to see and smell. Try taking different routes as it will bestow your buddy with a chance of meeting new friends and experience other sights.

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Mix It Up:

Exposing your dog to various people helps them get a gist of people, who indeed are much more significant. The main idea behind this is to ensure that your dog doesn’t get wary if it has to accompany any other person other than you. Therefore, diversifying your dog’s social calendar and making time for your dog’s meet-and-greets make all the sense.

Also, if your dog is a little scared, make sure to be confident and stay calm. Never make a big deal out of your dog’s skittish behavior. Or, you can use dog treats for giving your dog a positive association with newer people and experiences.

Consider enlisting a dog walker or a pet-sitter for giving your dog the exposure it needs for different caregivers during different times of the day.

Be Cautious of the Time:

One of the best ages for enabling socializing in puppies is between 3 to 12 weeks. Certified trainers provide a checklist of the things that your pups should be exposed to during crucial times.

Some things that deserve the attention are:

  1. Unfamiliar people
  2. Unfamiliar dog dresses like jackets, sunglasses, hoods, and hats.
  3. Body handling capabilities like ears, tail, paws, and so on.
  4. Parks, woods, water bodies, and beaches
  5. Urban environments
  6. Neighborhood objects like strollers, skateboards, bicycles, and street signs.

It is because socializing for dogs becomes a lot more complicated once dogs cross the age of 18 weeks. However, if you have a Bernedoodle dog, don’t be dismayed. It’s never too late to teach your dogs new skills.

The Verdict- Socializing Starts at Home

It is a very evident fact that socializing starts in your home. Teaching your dog manners and standards for living in your home is a stage for your dog.

For instance, when you teach him not to jump on the pen sides during the guest’s arrival, and if he does, you can say Nope or Yuck, and they might step back. Dog classes, stocking up on treats, and following dogs’ cues are other tips for teaching them essential social skills.

What skills do you use for your Bernedoodle puppies? Share your thoughts!

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