We live in an era where a dog and a human being share a special everlasting bond. These quadrupeds(Canis lupus familiaris) belong to the Canidae family.  But, today, it is no secret that a dog is a human’s best friend. Dogs not only make human beings happier, but studies have proven that petting a dog is a therapy that helps in reducing stress, depression, anxiety, and give mutual support to each other.  here we are comparing Whippet vs Greyhound dog breed which looks almost similar.

A dog’s loyalty towards its owner and the perpetual willingness to support each other makes them a precious companion.

Which is the longest living dog breed?

The dog’s longest-living breed is the Australian Cattle Dogs and has lived a beautiful, energetic and mesmerizing 29 years.

Which dog breed is known as athletic dog?

Currently, the world has recognized the existence of 360 dog breeds. The most doughty and athletic dog breed globally is the Mastiff, which weighs 200 pounds of the massive and heavy-boned dog.

Whippet vs Greyhound dog breed comparison

Now, let us talk about the breed’s genesis from the Tomb of Amten in Eygpt, which is known as the Greyhound and its direct descendant Whippet. They are a closely related family. The Greyhound runs at a full-tilt of 45mph; erstwhile used to catch coyotes, Stag and Wild Boars. Let us understand the Whippet vs. greyhound dog breed comparison; who will win?

Greyhound vs Whippet comparison and difference

  • The height of a Greyhound male is 28-30 inches, and female is 27-28 inches, while the male Whippet is 19–22 inches tall, and female ones are 18-21 inches.
Whippet running dog
Whippet dog
  • A Greyhound male and female weight ranges from 60-70 pounds, while the Whippet weights 25-40 pounds.
  • A dog’s temperament influences the way they react towards their surroundings and towards different activities. A greyhound’s temperament is akin to Whippet’s; in general, they are independent, noble, and gentle towards their immediate family and friends. Off the hook, the presence of unfamiliar small pets is likely to be chased by both the dogs. Also, being independent makes it a bit difficult to train them.
  • In terms of activity and development, both are runners and not sprinters as they have short eruptions of energy.
  • A Greyhound will eat 2 to 3 cups of food each day, though the Whippet will eat marginally less somewhere in the range of 1 and 1 ½ cups of food daily. This is reliant on the size of your little guy.
Long height Greyhound dog breed
Greyhound dog breed
  • A Whippet lives a longer life than the Greyhound. The durations for Whippet are 12-15 years, whereas for the latter is 10-13 years.
  • In terms of grooming, a Whippet needs to be brushed more often than a Greyhound. Also, both do not require frequent bathing sessions.

Whippet vs Greyhound dog breed- Who wins the fight?

Even though both are of different breeds, they are of the same origin. A Whippet outranks the Greyhound in terms of life expectancy, whereas a Greyhound surpasses Whippet in weight, size, and speed. Greyhound and Whippet suffer from a health problem: Osteosarcoma and Hip dysplasia for the former, and the latter suffers from Willebrand disease. But, if a fight is picked between the two, the winner will rest assured of the Greyhound as it outmatches the Whippet in pace, agility, and its sturdy colossal body.

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