Canis lupus familiaris, also known as dogs in standard terms, is the best creature that could ever happen to humankind. They are domesticated carnivores and man’s best friend. Several movies like Hachiko, 101 Dalmatians, A dog’s purpose, Marley & Me, etc., have been made around these adorable creatures, making our hearts fill with joy. In this article of “Yorkshire Terrier vs. Yorkie Poo dog breed comparison,” we’d talk about the difference between the two adorable breeds.

What is the weight and Height of a Yorkshire Terrier dog?

Yorkshire Terrier, a name derived from the Yorkshire city in the United Kingdom, is a companion dog. They are pure breed, tiny dogs weighing just about 4-7 lbs, with an average height of 8.5 inches. Yorkies have a fine hair coat of Golden blue and tan brown colors.

What is the height and weight of a Yorkie poo dog?

To talk about Yorkie poo, they are a crossbreed between Yorkshire Terrier and Toy or Miniature Poodle, thus getting its name “Yorkie poo.” Pretty cute, ha? Known as the fun-loving dog, Yorkie poo gets its hair from Yorkshire Terrier, the fine long silky straight or curly coat. The height ranges from 7-15 inches, where the weight can go from 3-14 lbs.

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Are Yorkshire Terriers expensive dogs?

Yorkshire Terrier is a high maintenance dog and needs a lot of grooming to keep in good condition. They shed minimal or none and are always alert, energetic, playful, courageous, independent, and loyal, making us fall short of adjectives.

Are Yorkshire Terriers the best social pet?

Yorkies are brainy and smart dogs and don’t like irregular daily routines, frequent guest visits, or noisy households. This breed is very vocal and needs a lot of social interactions.

Does Yorkshire Terriers bite you?

Yorkshire Terriers strongly protect their own territory, which makes them nice watch dogs. A relief to many, these doggos have a very low tendency to bite. They are apartment-friendly dogs and adapt very well to lifestyle changes and the living environment.

Can Yorkshire Terriers be grown with cats?

Not a big fan of kids or other dogs, but surprisingly, they are fond of cats. Yorkies also make a perfect therapy dog!

Which is more intelligent Yorkshire Terriers or yorkie Poo?

Yorkie poo has the intelligence of both the Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle, making it an ace dog. Known as the “designer dog,” the general health of the Yorkie poo is pretty great. They are easy to train and a tad more sensitive than other breeds.

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Can Yorkie Poos live with cats?

Yorkie poos are loyal, soft, gentle, loving, and affectionate towards their handlers. Not a great defender or a watchdog, but they are kid-friendly, older adults friendly, and do not drool. Not a great fan of strangers or cats, but they won’t leave you.

Do Yorkie Poos are social pets?

They are apartment-friendly dogs and can adjust well to lifestyle changes, just like Yorkshire Terrier. They are territorial dogs. If left alone, they are prone to whine, cry, or panic. Very average social needs, Yorkiepoos are a delight.


To conclude this article, “Yorkshire Terrier vs. Yorkie poo dogs- breed comparison,” both the breeds are quite similar and unique in their own ways. They are happy, friendly, fun-loving dogs, who’ll brighten up your home and heart just by being there. It is such an eye-opener to see how much dogs can make a human a better version of themselves, teaching us so much without saying a single word.

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